Translation of sweet butter in Spanish:

sweet butter

mantequilla sin sal, n.


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    mantequilla sin sal feminine
    manteca sin sal feminine River Plate
    • Fresh sweet butter, the highest quality of which contains as much as 85% milk fat, is responsible for producing the cake-y crumb and buttery flavor of a primo loaf.
    • These pretty, mild radishes are piled atop sliced of hearty, crusty country bread or baguettes spread with sweet butter.
    • The youngsters ate hungrily of the warm bread doused in sweet butter and honey as they stared up at the tall stranger.
    • Mike Newell, vice president of marketing, reports that the company has recently added a little more flavor to its sweet butter.
    • With it they also had a hearty loaf of dark grain bread, sweet butter and for Erik and Maria, a small tankard each of Gerald's finest stout ale.
    • Served with horseradish mashed potatoes smothered in sweet butter and vegetable medley.
    • I liked sweet butter better, but sweet butter was too dark.
    • Toast points can also be used with sweet butter.
    • Excellent winecraft has enhanced the intense fruit with details of tender sweet butter, soft spice and a lightly creamy texture that give the wine grace as well as balance.
    • It did not take me long, however, to fall in love with the American-style breakfast of paper-thin bacon strips (it had to be very crispy), scrambled eggs (very fluffy), and raison toasts loaded with sweet butter.
    • We reminded ourselves of just how well this sharp fruit marries with the sweet butter, flour and sugar topping.
    • Then baguette with fresh sweet butter, raspberry jam.
    • Poujaran makes the most delicious financiers anywhere: moist ovals of ground almonds and sweet butter bound together with the least amount of flour, just enough to bind everything together.
    • It's served warm, in a pool of sweet butter, and deep inside the yeasty, lead-balloon interior is a slathering of plum jam.
    • It is nice, in an English garden, to order a side of fat green minted garden peas, roiling in sweet butter, and to drink a wild garlic and potato soup.