Translation of sweet pea in Spanish:

sweet pea

alverjilla, n.


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    alverjilla feminine
    arvejilla feminine River Plate
    guisante de olor masculine Spain
    chícharo de olor masculine Mexico
    clarín masculine Chile
    • She plants tender climbing vines such as wisteria and sweet peas so they can cling to the warm stone walls.
    • Twist and writhe around your length of bamboo to the likes of Kylie or Gareth, while training your runner beans or sweet peas.
    • More seed companies are offering grouped collections, such as various colors of morning glories, or sweet peas dating from Victorian times.
    • This year my garden was a picture of magenta and wine-red dahlias and heavenly old-fashioned sweet peas.
    • The Royal Horticultural Society's Wisley June Flower Show will be held from Tuesday to Thursday, with sweet peas and delphiniums taking centre stage.
    • Imagine your garden filled with super-fragrant sweet peas, ruffly-petalled poppies or butterfly-attracting orange tithonias.
    • Against a trellis beside a driveway in one garden, the women planted sweet peas that bloom from mid-January or early February into May, depending on the weather.
    • The more you pick sweet peas, the more flowers they produce.
    • Once they start to germinate, plant the sweet peas out into the ground or in containers.
    • John Hadley builds his house in 1778 from the timbers of wrecked boats, while the British blockade the port and his wife, Coral, plants turnips and sweet peas.
    • Bilaterally symmetrical flowers, such as snapdragons and sweet peas, have distinctive upper and lower petals and are therefore asymmetric from top to bottom.
    • Step into the Great Pavilion and you are greeted with a heady mixture of scents from roses, sweet peas and lilies to strawberries and apples.
    • Plant out autumn-sown sweet peas - or sow sweet peas outdoors if you were not able to start them under glass.
    • In the cold frame outside the beans, peas Welsh onions and sweet peas are also doing well, and I'm now leaving the lid open all the time.
    • Very fancy fences can be created from tall flowering annuals such as cleome, cosmos, dahlias, sweet peas and sunflowers for a display of spring, summer and autumn colour.
    • Poppies, sweet peas, pot marigold and gilia are all waiting in our yard for attention.
    • In addition to snow peas, you can use it to support bush cucumbers, bush squash, some nasturtiums, and sweet peas.
    • Wild sweet peas flower along the banks for much of the year.
    • Keats described the sweet pea flower as ‘wings of gentle flush o'er delicate white.’
    • If the weather is good, plant out autumn sown sweet peas.