Translation of swerve in Spanish:


virar bruscamente, v.

Pronunciation: /swərv//swəːv/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (change direction)
    (horse/driver/vehicle) virar bruscamente
    (driver/vehicle/horse) dar un viraje brusco
    (horse/driver/vehicle) dar un volantazo Mexico
    (ball) ir con efecto
    (footballer) fintar
    (footballer) quebrar
    she swerved to avoid the dog viró bruscamente para no atropellar al perro
    • he swerved in and out of the traffic zigzagueó por entre el tráfico
  • 2literary

    I shall not swerve from my purpose no cejaré en mi propósito literary

transitive verb

  • 1

    (vehicle) hacer virar bruscamente


  • 1

    (of vehicle) viraje brusco masculine
    (of vehicle) volantazo masculine Mexico
    (of boxer, footballer) finta feminine
    (of boxer, footballer) regate masculine Spain
  • 2

    (of ball)
    efecto masculine