Translation of swine flu in Spanish:

swine flu

gripe A, n.


  • 1

    gripe A feminine
    gripe AH1N1 feminine
    gripe porcina feminine
    • We're going to make our way to the hospital where some of the first cases of swine flu were treated.
    • The Scottish couple suffering from swine flu, from Polmont, near Falkirk had been in Mexico on honeymoon in Cancun.
    • Perhaps influenced by Central American preoccupations with swine flu, the Panama Star said British MPs had succumbed to a worldwide disease.
    • The outbreak of swine flu, which has already claimed 429 lives around the world, will undoubtedly damage the already fragile global economy.
    • Swine flu went from unknown, to hysteria, to uninteresting in days.
    • Swine flu is also crowding out regular flu viruses.
    • Several million people could become ill with either seasonal flu or swine flu by the end of the year.
    • Its aggressive approach to swine flu in recent months is credited with keeping the number of infected within its borders to a minimum.
    • In New York, he has been at the forefront of the fight against swine flu.
    • Overall, at least seven countries are dealing with confirmed or suspected cases of swine flu.
    • A health official says the first case of swine flu has been diagnosed in the Palestinian areas.
    • Health officials in California have confirmed two deaths related to swine flu.
    • Ireland also reported its first probable case of swine flu this afternoon, a man who has recently returned from Mexico.
    • Sebelius went on to say that vaccines, not school closings, need to be the defense against swine flu.
    • Three girls who were confirmed to have contracted swine flu were taken to hospital.
    • It had been asked to provide feedback from GPs about swine flu.
    • There is now an approved lab to test for swine flu in Richmond, California, the San Francisco Bay area.
    • Yesterday the first cases of swine flu among people who had not visited Mexico were confirmed.
    • Well, still ahead we're talking about how schools are preparing for swine flu.
    • Another Briton, unconnected to the schools visit, is also hospitalised with swine flu.