Translation of swipe card in Spanish:

swipe card

tarjeta de banda magnética, n.


  • 1

    tarjeta de banda magnética feminine
    before noun swipe card reader lector de tarjetas de banda magnética masculine
    • County workers will be issued with a swipe card to be used during the clocking in process.
    • Once the registration form has been processed, each person named on the form will receive a plastic swipe card which they must present when having prescriptions filled at a community pharmacy.
    • The dark stranger who, only twelve hours before, boarded a red-eye flight out of the midwest, slid a magnetic swipe card through the slot of a cleverly disguised electronic lock.
    • He worked on until his swipe card entitling him to gain access to the building was withdrawn.
    • Fans must use the swipe card to gain entry but an electronics system failure meant many could not get through.
    • When their pass expires, the customer will have to chose between a swipe card for one of the Pay on Foot car parks or a season ticket for the remainder of the Pay and Display car parks.
    • As the use of biometrics becomes more common place, people will realise that the risk is no greater than being forced to reveal a password or to hand over an access swipe card.
    • He walked leisurely into the tube and rather than vault the ticket barrier, he used his swipe card as usual.
    • The card is not a swipe card but will instead carry a personalised eight-digit code for the cardholder and contains the player's name, union affiliation and club.
    • The government could save a lot of angst, if they issued all non-citizens a magnetic swipe card with their picture on it.
    • They moved down a side corridor and came to a grey metal door, which he opened with a swipe card.
    • At one point the tape shows one of the masked activists entering a secured part of the lab by using an electronic swipe card.
    • However, to continue using your post office, you must tick a box, fill out an application form to get a swipe card, and use the card in conjunction with a PIN number.
    • In the name of security, some companies are already using fingerprints as a swipe card for access to the workplace.
    • You were a trainee secret agent and you were given a swipe card.
    • Each fan receives a swipe card with name, address, photograph and membership number.
    • The strikes were in protest at a switch from manual, self-certifying clocking in, to an automated swipe card.
    • Very few people will pay rent there when they can pay in the supermarket or post office with a swipe card.
    • When you arrive you are issued with an electronic swipe card, and everything, including admission, food, drinks and souvenirs from the global village, is paid for on the way out.
    • We hear on the grapevine that after payment at the bus is withdrawn, it will be possible to pay at the local Post Office with a swipe card and without charge.