Translation of swirl in Spanish:


remolino, n.

Pronunciation /swərl//swəːl/


  • 1

    (of water, dust, people) remolino masculine
    (of smoke) voluta feminine
    (of smoke) espiral feminine
    the swirl of the dancers' skirts el movimiento de las faldas de las bailarinas
    • a swirl of whipped cream un copo de nata batida
    • The desert dust kicked up swirls up into a impenetrable smoke screen.
    • The helicopters touched down in a swirl of blinding dust, a condition pilots call a ‘brownout.’
    • When the first ship entered, it stirred up dust into a swirl.
    • The occasional gust of wind sent little swirls of dust and debris flying through the air, and dead bodies littered the ground.
    • The swirls of dust whirl up around him, and he walks into their midst.
    • He climbed down the swaying ladder onto the ancient hardwood floor, as he landed a swirl of dust filled his nostrils causing him to gag.
    • The road, where at points the wind raised swirls of white dust without itself being felt, was as lonely as though no one had ever been along it.
    • The room welcomed me inside with a sigh and a swirl of dust.
    • I heard the wind whisper as I stood there in the swirls of dust.
    • She coughed as the dry swirls of midday dust seeped into her lungs.

intransitive verb

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    (paper/water/dust) arremolinarse
    (dancers/skirts) girar
    • Its silvery surface rippled and swirled on occasion like a quiet mountain pool.
    • An icy blast of wind from the Arctic swirled down the hillside and froze the skin on his face.
    • Local residents told protestors how they woke to find smoke from the blaze swirling through their homes.
    • At first he saw nothing but darkness, swirling and spinning around in front of him.
    • This fish had other ideas, it twisted and swirled but slowly inch by inch it came to the landing net.
    • My blood was swirling in a spiral pattern, before finally mixing with the water and turning it red.
    • Shawn's whole world swirled, and twisted, making him want to throw up, but he stayed conscious.
    • The sun shone through the canopy of leaves, and the wind made the leaves swirl around her.
    • Wind began to swirl around her, picking up speed.
    • The smoke crept upwards and swirled in the column of light.
    • Waves broke against the dark rocks to her left, and foamed and swirled like a jacuzzi.
    • Clouds began to swirl above and the wind picked up.
    • When wind comes up and fans the fire, the smoke swirls fast and strong.
    • I made my way over to the sliding patio door and forced it open, allowing a blast of hideously cold wind and snow to swirl around the kitchen.
    • They quickly got higher and higher in the air as their clothes swirled in the wind.
    • I could see a genuine look of concern, and all my emotions seemed to swirl up inside me.
    • Dark sunglasses graced her face as her black duster jacket swirled in the wind.
    • Dust swirled around with the wind, forming intricate patterns among the rubble.
    • The air swirled with dust and smoke and the smell of petrol and spicy sausages.
    • Suddenly the fog moved, swirling to form the shape of a man's head.

transitive verb

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