Translation of swishy in Spanish:


amariconado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈswɪʃi//ˈswɪʃi/

adjectiveswishiest, swishier

offensive, slang

  • 1

    amariconado informal derogatory
    • What I have in Kim is one of those cute little women with a swishy ponytail who cuts people off in traffic while swearing like a Marine.
    • Giving Anna an encouraging nod of her head she began to walk towards me, her long swishy skirt billowing around her in the breeze.
    • Not only does he prove his comedic bona fides, he manages to ground his bizarre portrayal (more swishy than swashbuckling) with more than one-note caricature.
    • Ten and a quarter inches long, swishy, made of willow.
    • He had a point; Adelaide was wearing a low cut green shirt that showed off the edges of her neon green bra, and dark green pants, that were made of a swishy, soft material, like silk.
    • And so, my skirt very swishy and my hands very clenched for some reason, I run, run like I am flying, back to the store of instruments.
    • I may have been wrong, as by that time I had given up trying to follow the plot, and was sitting back enjoying the singing and the cast making spectacles of themselves, in multi-hued and swishy costumes.
    • I glanced at her ensemble, which consisted of a long patchwork skirt and a long swishy sort of top.
    • The skirt is swishy and wide, and covers her down to where her garters meet her fishnets.
    • I want to have my own little pony, and he will be white with a swishy tail and have beautiful soulful brown eyes.
    • I think I may have gone deaf after the gig. Every noise has a sort of swishy quality to it.
    • Jake was watching the digital clock on the side table when he heard it: a swishy noise, like a nylon jacket brushing lightly up against another piece of material.
    • Today Ivy was wearing a long, swishy, gypsy skirt that came down to her ankles.
    • Molly whined, pulling back her hair into a long and swishy ponytail.