Translation of swizz in Spanish:


engañabobos, n.

Pronunciation /swɪz/



  • 1

    engañabobos masculine informal
    tranza feminine Mexico informal
    engañapichanga masculine River Plate informal
    • The motoring lobby had been protesting, like so many schoolboys banned from baking their conkers, that concealed speed cameras were a rotten swizz.
    • He may have made his name by insisting on good value for consumers, but his latest TV schtick is fast emerging as a bit of a swizz.
    • Two early romances with car-loving men, who spent improbable amounts of money maintaining convertibles that always broke their hearts in the end, convinced me that car-ownership was an economic swizz.
    • So, thanks to this rule, getting your car serviced at an independent dealership could mean invalidating your warranty. What a swizz!
    • Perhaps this is a swizz, or perhaps it saves diehard fans paying a tenner for three second-rate filler tracks.