Translation of sword in Spanish:


espada, n.

Pronunciation /sɔrd//sɔːd/


  • 1

    espada feminine
    by fire and the sword a sangre y fuego
    • to turn swords into ploughshares forjar de las espadas azadones
    • a double-edged sword un arma de doble filo / dos filos
    • sword of Damocles espada de Damocles
    • to cross swords with sb pelearse / reñir con algn
    • to put sb to the sword pasar a algn a cuchillo
    • the whole village was put to the sword pasaron a cuchillo a todo el pueblo
    • they that live by the sword shall die by the sword quien a hierro mata, a hierro muere
    • sword maker espadero
    • Jumping back from the dagger she swung her sword at the opening that she saw.
    • His own sword had a three foot pure silver blade with a metal handle of the exact same length.
    • He thought of the day that he chose his weapons, the two swords he held now in his sweaty hands.
    • The light played off the steel blades of swords, daggers and the occasional axe.
    • She grasped the hilt of her sword and thrust it at the stones, wedged it between the planks on the door.
    • His hand wandered mindlessly to the hilt of the sword that was strapped to his waist.
    • The words stung him and he put his hand to his belt to where the hilt of his sword was as if to assure himself that he was as much as a man as any.
    • The Knights had never needed any kind of weapon beyond their swords and spears and bows.
    • It is said that he went for his sword, which would have been entirely characteristic.
    • The man's arm froze midair and his sword fell to the floor in a clatter of metal on stone.
    • This weapon is derived from the cavalry sword, designed for slashing and thrusting.
    • It was a beautiful sword, long, simple and elegant with an ivory hilt and a golden tassel.
    • Officers were armed with sword and revolver, other ranks with bayonet and pistol.
    • He raised his sword and thrust it at the man's head but the guard craned his neck to one side.
    • His clawed hand never strayed from the hilt of a long sword at his left hip.
    • She noticed that some of them were a little jumpy with their hands on the hilt of their swords.
    • Putting the bucket on the floor she unlocked the door to the cell, keeping one hand on the hilt of her sword as she did so.
    • Other lethal weapons such as swords, bayonets, crossbows and knives have also been surrendered.
    • She placed a hand on her sword hilt and calmly waited for Rae to make the first move.
    • Another hand is then seen cutting his throat with a large blade, perhaps a sword.