Translation of sword dance in Spanish:

sword dance

danza de (las) espadas, n.


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    danza de (las) espadas feminine
    • The specific character of the ritual and the worship that modern English morris dances and sword dances were supposed to reflect was never established.
    • The common and consistent point is that they took a selection of historic performance practices - morris dances and sword dances, mumming, and others in England - and declared them to be the survivals of ancient sacrificial rituals.
    • He managed to just keep his reaction to a simple bulging of the eyes with a slight break in his sword dance.
    • But even as these doubts moved about her mind, she was entranced by the grace of Joren's sword dance.
    • The sword dance is done with blunt wooden-handled swords which are about 20 inches in length.
    • Jhumar, Sammi, Luddi, and the sword dance are all popular folk dances of the Punjab.
    • Joe Dey asked me to find some other gimmick, so that's when I came up with the sword dance.
    • In another corner small girls in kilts and black waistcoats were doing sword dances to pipe music.
    • The standard English classification of types of dances came to consist of a categorical triad: morris dances, sword dances, and country dances, the first two being ritual and the third social dancing.
    • The ardha is a men's sword dance, which is accompanied by drumming and by a poet, who sings the lyrics.
    • It set Sharp off on his lifetime's work, collecting some five thousand folksongs and, later, the collection of Morris and sword dances.
    • Competitors danced the Highland fling, the sword dance, the sean triubhais, the Highland reel, the sailors hornpipe, the Irish Jig and other dances, preferably to the music of the bagpipe.
    • Every culture has some form of stick or sword dance, from the Egyptian Assaya to the Paulitos from Portugal.
    • During religious festivals, tourists are allowed to enter the Dzong (monastery/fortress) and view masked and sword dances; most of the dances date back to before the Middle Ages and are performed only once or twice a year.
    • A traditional Arab dance is the ardha, or men's sword dance.
    • Back at the back of the line, she glanced over at Dan, who was now completing a sword dance with the rest of his group.