Translation of symbolic in Spanish:


simbólico, adj.


Pronunciation /sɪmˈbɒlɪk//sɪmˈbɑlɪk/


  • 1

    to be symbolic of sth simbolizar algo
    • it's symbolic of evil simboliza el mal
    • The world's most famous steam locomotive is symbolic of British industry, innovation and engineering.
    • The exploration and searching of the butterfly may be symbolic of the poet's search for an explanation or a meaning for the death of someone close to him.
    • A building can be symbolic of power, but it can also be a folly.
    • A stone is also symbolic of eternity, like the cornerstone of a building, placed to last for all time.
    • The castle site is symbolic of York's importance in national affairs of state, much of which is forgotten by people, or not known.
    • Bronze bells are not only percussion instruments but also ritual instruments symbolic of social status and power.
    • The flag is symbolic of the Democracy in which we are lucky enough to live.
    • But the failure to open up the reserve to oil exploration is symbolic of environmentalism's influence.
    • It's symbolic of the acceptance by the people of the new monarch and acceptance of the new monarch to serve.
    • Dirty hospitals are symbolic of an under-funded health service.
    • They feel this is symbolic of the problems we face in the nation.
    • They also somehow seem to be symbolic of our throwaway consumer society.
    • The destruction of both wall and statue is symbolic of breaking free from oppression, and the elation on the faces of the people was the same.
    • An inverted glass is symbolic of the fact that those missing are unable to raise their glasses in a toast.
    • For Baxter, it seems symbolic of his becoming - in late middle age - a family man for the first time.
    • To me this is symbolic of the effect of the book - shedding light on what otherwise might be passed by unnoticed.
    • Perhaps, too, this is symbolic of a psychological disruption as Warhol the man attempts to reclaim himself from Warhol the legend.
    • It is symbolic of loneliness, but also safety and guidance.
    • This seems to be symbolic of the many recent developments which simply do not belong in the community.
    • The city has today become symbolic of the systematic and sustained devaluation of the dignity of women.