Translation of symmetrical in Spanish:


simétrico, adj.

Pronunciation /sɪˈmɛtrɪk(ə)l//səˈmɛtrɪk(ə)l/


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    • Moreover, a curve of constant width need not be symmetrical or even consist of circular arcs.
    • Trees, shrubs and long grass with a symmetrical spiderweb of cobblestone paths wending through them.
    • A bony ridge may form over the fused suture and the ears may not be symmetrical (not at equal heights on each side).
    • Everything is the same; it's perfectly symmetrical in every direction.
    • The pressure hulls are arranged parallel to each other and symmetrical to a centerplane.
    • Ever wondered why the apples and tomatoes in your supermarket are so symmetrical, so uniform in colour and texture?
    • The hair was parted with geometrical accuracy as though drawn with compasses, and fell in two symmetrical, wavy lines.
    • The sum of a figure and its centrally symmetrical image has central symmetry.
    • Males compete in the bodybuilding competition with judges looking for symmetrical muscularity.
    • Note that each shell valve is symmetrical about the midline, but the two shell valves are often unequal in size.
    • I positioned things close to the symmetrical axes and sight lines but always a bit off.
    • A molecule is said to be symmetrical if it can be divided into equal mirror image parts by a line or a plane.
    • Judges described it as symmetrical with plenty of substance in the flower.
    • The US researchers also found that women were more likely to be tempted into infidelity by men with symmetrical features.
    • Her lipstick is done so well, you'd think they'd want her face to be symmetrical.
    • The first cleavage usually passes through the midline, dividing the egg into two initially symmetrical halves.
    • Lemmer's geometric, symmetrical sculptures are clearly variations on a theme.
    • Well, humans do like symmetry and pattern, and math tends to make symmetrical, patterned images.
    • Even today its streets run in symmetrical lines and neat intersections.
    • In a perfectly symmetrical face, all midpoints will fall on the vertical midline.