Translation of sympathizer in Spanish:


simpatizante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪmpəˌθaɪzər//ˈsɪmpəθʌɪzə/


  • 1

    simpatizante masculine
    partidario masculine
    partidaria feminine
    • And when they are written by supporters or sympathisers of a person who has been active in politics they smack of propaganda.
    • Funds were collected from the masses, sympathisers and well-wishers.
    • You need a network of supporters and sympathisers prepared to hide and give succour, financial and otherwise for the cause.
    • Charles's assurances that he had letters of support from sympathisers in England are themselves evidence of anxiety.
    • He was a Communist - not a sympathizer or fellow traveler, but a card-carrying meeting-attender.
    • Simply put, just about every Colombian has done something that might result in him or herself being labeled a collaborator or sympathizer by one of Colombia's armed groups.