Translation of synchronize in Spanish:


sincronizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪŋkrəˌnaɪz//ˈsɪŋkrənʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make coincide)
    (mechanism/movements) sincronizar
    to synchronize sth with sth sincronizar algo con algo
    • the film and the soundtrack are perfectly synchronized la película y la banda sonora están perfectamente sincronizadas
    • synchronized swimming natación sincronizada
    • It plays a role, therefore, in synchronizing the rates of transcription and translation.
    • Educational toys help your child learn to grab, pull, push, synchronize the movement of the head with that of the hand.
    • Scientists think the courtship behavior is designed to synchronize the movements of the two animals so that the male can receive the eggs when the female is ready to deposit them.
    • Because the camera is aimed at the dancers' feet when the sound begins, it takes a few moments to realize that the sound is not synchronized.
    • Your arm and leg movements should be synchronized, moving up and down together at the same time and at the same speed as if they are attached.
    • The Railways have to synchronise the movement of all these trains, which in turn delays the BCC work underneath the bridge, " said a BCC engineer.
    • The goal is to ensure that all movement is synchronized to meet operations and logistics timelines.
    • They all turned to me as if their movement was synchronized.
    • For sixty-four bars he synchronizes his every movement with Fred, playing flawlessly before a camera that runs nonstop, until he's no longer giving a dancelike performance at a shoeshine stand, but dancing.
    • The results showed lower blood pressure and body temperature, slower heart rate, and more synchronized brain-wave patterns.
    • The most satisfying moment is when the audience synchronise their lip movement with my singing.
    • All the cuts, all the ski strokes, all the movements are synchronized with the tempo of the sound.
    • Hips tended to be synchronized with the movements of the board during the first few trials, but seemed to act more independently latter in practice.
    • Movements were synchronized with exceptional accuracy and the footwork added powerful rhythmic time cycles.
    • For example, speakers who synchronise their hand movements with their words communicate more effectively.
    • The sounds, screams, and even our movements were synchronized.
    • You can select music to accompany your digital photo album and synchronize background sound with pictures.
    • Film had been successfully synchronized to sound by 1927, when The Jazz Singer premiered with music chosen and performed by Al Jolson.
    • Even when all his pistons were synchronised and operating precisely, Jones did not like to take chances.
    • Airplane and ship movements must be synchronized with major training events, force modernization efforts and pre-planned force rotation dates.
  • 2

    (set to same time)
    (watches/clocks) sincronizar
    • As the entire sniping team and Sue's team assembled, they synchronized their watches and began to maintain radio silence.
    • They simply have to synchronize the real-time clock of their Linux machine with such an insanely precise clock.
    • Friday night came and in the absence of a digital watch I synchronised my mobile phone clock.
    • The theory should also help in the design of quantum techniques for synchronizing atomic clocks aboard satellites, which keep slightly different times because of their relative motion.
    • All watches are synchronised to ensure all games start at the same time to ensure nobody has an unfair advantage.
    • My guys synchronise their watches with the atomic clock.
    • For instance, subsystems made by suppliers may lack the interfaces needed to synchronize their clocks with host clocks made by original equipment manufacturers.
    • In practice, a third satellite is needed to synchronise your receiver's clock with a common standard time which is adhered to strictly by the clocks on board all the satellites.
    • On October 1, at noon, everyone synchronised their watches.
    • They define a standard atomic clock using periodic electromagnetic processes in atoms, then use electromagnetic signals to synchronize clocks that are far from the standard clock.
    • It's also a very accurate watch that's synchronized to an atomic clock.
    • Before take-off the scientists synchronized the on-board clocks with a land-based clock, and after landing they checked to see if the on-board units still showed the same time as the land-based one.
    • Various ideas were proposed and implemented - though most did not work well - to synchronize clocks within cities and thereby eliminate annoying discrepancies between different city clocks.
    • A phase lock loop is responsible for synchronizing the system clock and the core clock so the chip set works properly, Krewell says.
    • I knew we should have synchronized our watches…
    • To achieve global synchronization, we designed a feature in the communications processor to synchronize the clock in each processing node.
    • These clocks are synchronized with a number of atomic standards on Earth to provide the highly precise time reference needed to locate objects precisely on or near Earth's surface.
    • However, while synchronizing distant clocks is a problem, they nonetheless run at the same intrinsic rates as each other when held in the same inertial frame.
    • We synchronize our watches and hatch our plan and wait.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (soundtrack/movements) estar sincronizado
    to synchronize with sth estar sincronizado con algo
    • As much as it pains me to be fair to Kissinger, he isn't the only public figure whose travel plans mysteriously synchronize with bad news.
    • Each man would throw his rifle in the air, catch it with one hand, fire one round and stamp feet, synchronising with the drums.
    • There was no discussion of that article or any plan to synchronize in any way.
    • The mandible, or lower jaw, rocks slowly back and forth to aid and synchronize with this process.
    • What I know is that their heartbeats and breathing synchronized, their faces took on the exact same dazed and painful expression.
    • They breathe in time with the listener, pulses synchronising, heart rate slowing.
    • Joshua laid his head on her shoulder, listening as her heavy breathing synchronized with his.
    • The monthly cycles of women living together have also been known to synchronize.