Translation of synthesize in Spanish:


sintetizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪnθəsʌɪz//ˈsɪnθəˌsaɪz/

transitive verb

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    Physiology Chemistry
    • These processes are of fundamental significance for controlling chemical reactions and synthesising new materials.
    • He first synthesized caffeine from basic raw materials in 1895.
    • From the 100 or so chemical elements it is possible to synthesize the millions of compounds that are studied by chemists.
    • The researchers believe the protein can be synthesized chemically as a drug for humans.
    • Because humans cannot synthesize this compound, it is a dietary requirement.
    • When the resting cells are stimulated, they begin multiplying again, synthesizing RNA and protein.
    • In 1907, he synthesized a pair of geometric isomers that confirmed his predictions.
    • Perhaps the most promising approach is to process used plastic to recover resources in the form of oils and monomers that could be reused to synthesize new plastics.
    • The light energy is used to split apart carbon dioxide and synthesize the carbon-based molecules of life.
    • Reduction reactions are also used by chemists to synthesize pharmaceuticals, textiles, dyes, paints, and a multitude of other important products.
    • Medicinal chemists traditionally synthesised a handful of different molecules, submitted them for test in appropriate biological assays, and then waited for the results.
    • The great majority of organic pesticides are synthesized by chemists.
    • Many different fungi, bacteria, and plants synthesize these molecules.
    • Again, if you know the full structure you can synthesize the molecule chemically and you can synthesize variations, which may be of use in different directions.
    • The problem in the United States is that law enforcement tends to monitor the purchase of the precursor chemicals required to synthesize ecstasy.
    • They are also synthesized during some developmental processes such as pollen or seed maturation.
    • The plant kingdom is by far the most efficient producer of chemical compounds, synthesising many products that are used in defence against herbivore attack.
    • Once completed, each half of the DNA ladder can form a new DNA molecule with the identical genetic code because of specific chemical catalysts that help synthesize the complementary strand.
    • The products sold for this purpose typically contain ephedrine that is chemically synthesized.
    • The candidate vaccine is synthesized using modified, inactivated genes from Ebola virus.
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    (strands/ideas) sintetizar
    • Richard's own work synthesizes and elaborates upon this eclectic mix of aesthetics, philosophy, and area studies.
    • Even then, the relative strengths and weaknesses of all of this (often conflicting) information has to be synthesised into a coherent whole.
    • It was in these genre figures that he synthesized the classical and the contemporary in a way that now looks original.
    • He picks up the more significant themes as he goes from crisis to crisis, synthesizes the already existing theories, and offers insights based on his own deep study of the country and its people.
    • I argue that this period of tension will end as the Roman one did - with the advent of a new religion that will synthesize the best features of our current religions into a whole greater than the sum of its parts.
    • Their superiors expected them neither to analyze information nor to synthesize and explain raw data.
    • This is a fascinating read that synthesizes current and historical research of soils and soil organisms, introducing the reader to an entirely new world.
    • It should also be a valuable training aid for doctoral students because it will allow them to see how a prominent organizational scholar synthesizes and interprets the diverse research that makes up organizational studies.
    • The other benefit comes when the decision maker synthesizes conflicting opinions or merely listens while experts argue among themselves.
    • The idea was to synthesise the avant-garde cubist vision of modernity with the high forms of opera and ballet that still dominated French bourgeois taste.
    • The philosophy of intrinsic exercise is my own, but it is based on years of scientific research that I have synthesized to create a whole new way of thinking about fitness.
    • These dual qualities gave me occasion to explore my growing interest in synthesizing Traditional and Modern design, adding to the appeal of the project on a personal level.
    • Intelligence production also involves an integration function in which the analyst attempts to form a pattern by selecting, synthesizing, and combining evaluated information and previously developed intelligence.
    • The scope of the book is impressive, and his accomplishment is that he has synthesized such a wealth of information into a coherent narrative.
    • Whether a question implies the need for a specific or a broad systematic review, a mountain of evidence remains to be synthesised before it will become clear just which questions can be answered using existing research evidence.
    • In this way, a project arose that sought to combine and synthesize both advanced Western democratic and ancient tribal values.
    • In a recent review, we identified a mechanistic approach to studying coloniality which synthesizes two new hypotheses.
    • By combining, synthesizing, and reinterpreting research from many different disciplines and paradigms, he has supplied a rich source of variation.