Translation of synthetic in Spanish:


sintético, adj.

Pronunciation /sɪnˈθɛdɪk//sɪnˈθɛtɪk/


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    (made by chemical synthesis)
    • He further explained that synthetic fiber is used for thread production.
    • Don't believe that synthetic pesticides are all bad news.
    • Easier to wash than synthetic fabrics, natural fabrics are the perfect choice for slipcovers, bedding, upholstery, draperies and cushions.
    • The primary use of ammonia, in turn, is in the manufacture of synthetic fertilizers.
    • These drugs are synthetic substances related to the male sex hormones, called androgens.
    • And one of the key choices is whether to use organic or synthetic fertilizers.
    • Conventional oil is derived from petroleum refining; synthetic oils are chemically manufactured replicas.
    • The changing status of his preferred materials invites this - tyres are no longer manufactured from rubber plants but from synthetic materials produced from crude oil.
    • Both the natural and synthetic iron oxide pigments are very stable.
    • These jersey knit sheets feature organic cotton and are not treated with chlorine bleach, chemical softeners, or synthetic dyes that can irritate skin.
    • Mixtures of several synthetic dyes, or mixtures of natural and synthetic dyes, could produce more subdued colors.
    • Each year, over 1,000 new synthetic chemicals are introduced in the United States.
    • Other researchers performed cell growth assays comparing natural and synthetic cholesterol.
    • When we assault our skin with harsh detergents, exfoliants, drying alcohols and synthetic oils, we can end up producing completely unintended results.
    • New synthetic materials claim to be absorbed rapidly and thus to minimize these disadvantages.
    • Do these hormones have the same risks as synthetic hormones?
    • Today, nearly a century later, the Haber process remains the only economically viable method for producing synthetic nitrogen fertilizer.
    • When carried out in hydrocarbon solvent, this reaction produces a synthetic rubber similar to natural rubber.
    • The chemicals which comprise synthetic drugs are natural.
    • Nylon was the first synthetic fiber not based on natural materials such as cellulose.
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    Linguistics Philosophy
    • The theory that existence is not a predicate implies, however, that all existential propositions are synthetic.
    • Analytic propositions like synthetic propositions, can be believed for bad reasons, or for no reasons at all, and, when this occurs, we should deny that the believer knows the propositions in question.
    • Contemporary philosophers recognize the possibility that sentences that express identities might be synthetic as opposed to analytic or true by definition.
    • Kant held that, even though most mathematical propositions are synthetic, they are knowable a priori - independent of sensory experience.
    • As of now, in addition to that of the Monthly editors, I am aware of two entirely synthetic proofs of the statement.
    • Inflected languages are a variety of synthetic language in which a word takes various forms, most usually by the addition of suffixes, which show its role in the sentence.
    • Its Cyrillic alphabet is phonetic; its grammar is synthetic, conveying information through word modification rather than order.
    • Albanian is a synthetic language that is similar in structure to most other Indo-European languages.
    • Over time, synthetic languages have become more analytic, with the effect that inflexional morphology has repeatedly been simplified.


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    fibra sintética feminine
    tejido sintético masculine