Translation of syrup in Spanish:


almíbar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪrəp//ˈsɪrəp/


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    (sugar solution)
    almíbar masculine
    (with other ingredients) jarabe masculine
    (with other ingredients) sirope masculine
    (for making soft drinks) jarabe masculine
    (for making soft drinks) concentrado masculine
    canned fruit in syrup fruta enlatada en almíbar
    • Some also include tetracycline syrup in the mixture.
    • Anyway, my first visit to this new GP was terminated with a bottle of laxative syrup, presumably to clear whatever blockage was causing my symptoms.
    • Select canned fruit in its own juice or water, not heavy syrup, and frozen fruit without added sugar.
    • The typical antipsychotics are taken as tablets or syrup.
    • Simple cough mixtures contain ingredients known as demulcents, for example glycerin, honey and syrup.
    • Seville orange segments or slices can be preserved in sweet syrup or alcohol, such as brandy, orange liqueur or vodka.
    • Drinking this heavy syrup will thin your mucous and actually reduce viscosity within your own body.
    • So I basically looked like a bowl of strawberry ice-cream topped with chocolate syrup.
    • Recent examples of fake drugs include a meningitis vaccine made of tap water, paracetamol syrup made of industrial solvent and contraceptive pills made of wheat flour.
    • In a saucepan gently melt the butter then add the golden syrup and heat, stirring until thoroughly combined.
    • The placebo group received 5 ml placebo syrup daily for 14 days and a placebo capsule on day 14.
    • Stir in the ginger, reduce the heat and cook gently until the syrup thickens.
    • When the cake is nearly cooked, prepare syrup by dissolving the icing sugar in the lemon juice and boiling for 2 minutes.
    • I remember (when all this was fields) when I was ill as a younger thing, we'd be given Veno's cough mixture or Buttercup syrup.
    • If you like the fragrance of mango and want your ice with more fruit than syrup, then this dish is a must on your first visit.
    • Store all medicines, whether tablets, inhalers, or syrup, out of reach of children, and preferably in a locked cupboard, even if they have child resistant lids.
    • The number of capsules or tablets or teaspoonfuls of solution or syrup that you take depends on the strength of the medicine.
    • An attendant administered the syrup daily for four months except on Sundays, when the mother administered it.
    • Boxes of medicines, varying from children's syrup to Viagra and antiretrovirals, were found in the warehouse.
    • Drizzle the vanilla syrup around the plate and garnish with a white chocolate curl.
    • Supplementation procedure Each child was fed a teaspoon of syrup daily for 14 days and one capsule on day 14.
    • Candied fruits and fruits preserved in syrup are also traditional.
    • It is the thick, sweet syrup often found in cans of fruit.
    • During the war jam making was limited and the bottling was done in water instead of syrup and if necessary sugar was added very sparingly when the fruit was served.
    • Make a simple mint syrup by boiling sugar and water together for 5 minutes; cool.
    • Clinical studies have shown that a mean of 30 percent of a toxin is recovered when ipecac syrup is administered within one hour of ingestion.
    • He choked down the thick syrup and drank a cup of water to balance the taste.
    • But I was quite happy with my hot milk, caramel syrup and whipped cream.
    • We examined the proportion of methadone prescriptions per year issued as oral syrup, tablets, or injectable ampoules to identify any change of professional practice.
    • Drink a glass of milk - add a little chocolate syrup, if your parents say it's OK.
    • This type of sedation involves swallowing sedative tablets or syrup.
    • Next time, I'm just making a simple sugar syrup with vanilla, and drizzling that over it.
    • Mix brown sugar, reserved fruit syrup and the mustard and pour over ham and potatoes.
    • Small tins of fruit with ring pulls make refreshing snacks, but choose the ones in fruit juice rather than in syrup.
    • Frozen is usually preferable because canned fruits often contain heavy syrup.
    • The usefulness of syrup of ipecac as a home treatment for poisoning has been increasingly challenged, and many poison centers no longer recommend its use.
    • Most of the women who took one tablespoon of ginger syrup in water four times a day felt significantly less nauseated.
    • You can also add a rich brown sugar syrup to make it more like a desert.
    • Immediately after their births, the baby boys were given anti-HIV medicine known as HIV syrup.
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    jarabe masculine