Translation of system in Spanish:


sistema, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪstəm//ˈsɪstəm/


  • 1

    • 1.1(ordered structure)

      sistema masculine
      método masculine
      • Equity has traditionally been a system which matches established principle to the demands of social change.
      • Pakistani players are currently paid per match according to a grading system based on seniority.
      • Farms with similar animal handling systems used them in different ways.
      • We need a system that distributes wealth according to need rather than greed.
      • They are supportive of a multi-party system, and are against capital punishment.
      • In the wake of demanding democracy in the Middle East, our nation's value system requires it.
      • It has an electoral system which in principle should be the envy of the world.
      • But in alternative and complementary medicine other systems of communication are recognized.
      • Twenty years ago, Indonesia created an integrated forest management system based on principles of conservation biology.
      • Critics of this three-way scheme say the system will cause more problems than it solves.
      • The quota management system is designed to ensure sustainability.
      • A four-letter alphabet might seem a rather limited system for writing complex messages.
      • And they are fretting about the security of their email and diary management system.
      • The new animation system will enable us to add some really amazing elements to the game.
      • Of course, this seems like a pretty complex system for what we used to call roll call.
      • The contents of this closet are organized according to a system I have yet to master.
      • Such a slate is required under the country's electoral system of proportional representation.
      • How do we integrate personal recordkeeping into our normal focus on organizational systems?
      • The new system uses the same principles in effect all across the country.
      • Common law and civil law systems recognize the principle of compensation for losses caused by faults for which others are legally responsible.

    • 1.2(procedure)

      sistema masculine
      filing/classification system sistema de archivo/clasificación
      • to get to know the system familiarizarse con el sistema
      • there's no system in your approach tu enfoque no es nada sistemático / metódico

    • 1.3(organizational whole)

      sistema masculine
      the prison system el sistema penitenciario

  • 2

    • 2.1(technical, mechanical)

      sistema masculine
      a missile system un sistema de misiles
      • all systems go! ¡todo bien!
      • In fact, for some lakes these sewage systems have already been completely diverted.
      • City engineers proposed installing a more efficient drainage system in the affected areas.
      • The proportion of other gasses is always kept constant on the earth by the help of interconnected complex systems.
      • To make matters worse, the management of water systems was completely taken over by the government.
      • The simplest water supply and storage systems can be extraordinarily complex.
      • Rather than wait the ten days for the results to come back we chlorinated all the water systems completely.
      • The goal was to build a modern transport system that could connect the whole country.
      • They maximise the utility of the system as a whole by solving a predetermined problem.
      • No true entertainment system is complete without a great light show to go with it.
      • Plans to reform family law, to reform the criminal justice system and to outlaw internet grooming are expected.
      • The ship's vital systems are now operational and are running normally.
      • The city's power system collapsed even before the monsoon.
      • So far, concrete and metal reinforcements and fire protection systems have been completed.
      • No one has ever accomplished this for complex health system improvements.
      • The complex of field systems and large stone walls extend from the north western slopes of Mount Brandon to within the boundaries of Dingle.
      • However, often no one person has a sense of what is going on in the system as a whole.
      • So, the message here is to plant trees with deeper root systems, preferably complete with tap roots.
      • He wanted to see the two systems actually mesh together and communicate with each other so it was possible to step off a tram and onto a train at the same platform.
      • But at the most fundamental level I think they should try reforming the mental health system in this country.
      • The move is part of the Government's plans to overhaul the criminal justice system.

    • 2.2Computing

      sistema masculine
      • The software can look out over various servers and storage systems and puts all of the hardware in a single panel for the users.
      • If the primary backup system is a disk array, then there is no protection from the virus.
      • Even when I try to get my head out of the clouds and try to focus on our Linux systems, I think application launchers.
      • One way to get these economies is to roll up the smaller software, systems, and hardware into the larger system.
      • As usually, the worm starts and ends with the unpatched available system.

    • 2.3Audio

      equipo masculine
      equipo de sonido masculine
      equipo de audio masculine

  • 3

    • 3.1

      the digestive/respiratory system el aparato digestivo/respiratorio
      • the nervous system el sistema nervioso
      • Decreased kidney function is associated with complications in virtually all organ systems.
      • It is related to the excretory system, reproductive organs and the genital regions.
      • No prisoner wants to be caught with drugs in their system, so they choose to shoot up rather than smoke a joint.
      • If the indigestion continues, your doctor may want to send you for further investigation of your digestive system.
      • This in turn enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body helping the body systems to function to the best of their ability.
      • If you have had part of your stomach or other organs removed, this will affect your digestive system.

    • 3.2(body)

      cuerpo masculine
      organismo masculine
      my system can't cope with so much food mi cuerpo / mi organismo no puede con tanta comida

  • 4

    • 4.1(form of government)

      sistema masculine
      capitalist/democratic system sistema capitalista/democrático

    • 4.2(establishment, status quo)

      the system el sistema
      • it is the system which is at fault lo que falla es el sistema

  • 5

    (for gambling)
    fórmula feminine
    martingala feminine Southern Cone
    • Betting systems, that is, the manipulation of money, cannot overcome the math of craps.
    • Sometimes I receive mailings from individuals who are selling systems to beat Keno.
    • What is the impact of this early breakthrough on the current state of the art in Blackjack card counting systems?
    • Over the centuries, individuals have tried elaborate betting systems.
    • Gambling is a sea of systems floating shore to shore, like notes in bottles bobbing on the waves.