Translation of systematic in Spanish:


sistemático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsɪstəˈmædɪk//sɪstəˈmatɪk/


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    • There has been little systematic evaluation of either adult basic education or community college remedial programs.
    • Unfortunately neither their recovery nor all of their study have been very systematic.
    • Data from other turtle species suggest that systematic differences in adult survival rates between sexes are rare.
    • They also weren't as systematic in determining if they had a match as the adults where.
    • We believe this is the first systematic review to investigate the measurement of quality of data in primary care.
    • We carefully examined whether taking this subset introduced any systematic bias into our sample.
    • Unless and until such a systematic method is introduced, the delay cannot be cut down.
    • We planned a systematic review to assess the evidence on the diagnostic impact of these and other signs and symptoms.
    • After diagnosis, each patient was placed on similar treatment and had the same systematic evaluations performed.
    • You may not achieve all of them, but a systematic plan gives you the best chance of doing so.
    • The first systematic review of this procedure was published in 1983.
    • In addition, the influence of parental behavior has received little systematic attention.
    • Of course, we do not complain about a more systematic approach to wharf and ship security.
    • Taking a more systematic approach will prevent you from having to move items around later.
    • You have to be systematic, and you have to stay with it.
    • New World wine regions are less systematic in their barrel preparation.
    • These are really issues of practical and systematic approaches to primary care.
    • Apparently his Manual of Theology was the first systematic theology by a Baptist in America.
    • How can he maintain that his data warrant a systematic search for support of his ideas?
    • The pilot study facilitates a more systematic approach to actual data collection and analysis.