Translation of systemic in Spanish:


sistémico, adj.

Pronunciation /sɪˈstiːmɪk//sɪˈstɛmɪk//səˈstɛmɪk/


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    • Charges stemming from arguing with guards are systemic.
    • Blind review is not the answer - the problem is far more systemic.
    • Some patients may temporarily lapse into a vegetative state when systemic illness causes a reversible depression of the neural function.
    • I think that's one of the systemic problems that we have dealing with corporate responsibility in America right now.
    • Instead he highlights a series of systemic problems and suggests a number of psychological tendencies, to explain the vast gulf between claim and reality.
    • Skin lesions are identical to those seen in systemic small vessel vasculitis.
    • This is precisely why punitive taxation, while unfair in the short term, is fair in the long run - it will force a deeper, systemic change in the way we organise our city.
    • And we have found systemic, serious problems in the way our intelligence community has acted over time.
    • More rarely, systemic vasculitis or other immunologic diseases have been observed.
    • It is a systemic, chronic failure of management right across the totality of the agency.
    • We need to explore personal, family, community and systemic barriers that stand in the way of understanding and preventing suicides.
    • This is a systemic failure and most of the civilian leadership of the Pentagon is implicated, either by omission or comission.
    • Yet in each instance, the flaw is singular, not systemic, and goes against things Leonardo demonstrated he knew very well in his other work.
    • But we have a real systemic problem on our hands.
    • Several forms of systemic therapy exist for psoriasis.
    • And that's one of the reasons that I think we need real systemic reform, so that the checks and balances are in place.
    • Similarly, parents in this study reported that systemic therapy encouraged them to recognize their own contribution to family problems.
    • We are attempting to use examples of media bias to raise awareness of the deep systemic corruption afflicting the media.
    • The test detects low levels of a protein that indicates systemic inflammation in the body.
    • Have Aboriginal people changed, or is the problem systemic?