Translation of systems analyst in Spanish:

systems analyst

analista de sistemas, n.


  • 1

    analista de sistemas feminine
    • ‘You'd have to look at how much time that person is spending as a systems analyst, working with the end user to develop a program to meet their needs,’ she says.
    • She says: ‘I resigned from my job as a systems analyst for a big bank in London but they asked me to stay on and work from home.’
    • My parents are pretty high-powered - my dad is a successful international lawyer, and my mom is a systems analyst.
    • This still leaves teachers $3,000 per year short of accountants, $17,000 short of computer systems analysts, and $25,000 short of engineers.
    • The former computer systems analyst thinks the council has not done enough to resist pressure from Swindon for housing and wants a single council for Wiltshire.
    • It focuses solely on saving our skin, particularly in ways that are best left to technicians, engineers, and systems analysts.
    • There may be some technically qualified employees such as systems analysts, there may even be some professional employees such as accountants or engineers.
    • Pursuing the only thing that I have ever been any good at, mathematics, I am now a systems analyst for a large firm.
    • We'll need double today's number of computer engineers, systems analysts and computer support specialists.
    • From the most valued plot of pundit real estate in America he dispenses banalities that he passes off as profound because he first heard them from a hotelier in Dubai or a systems analyst in Bangalore.
    • While being a systems analyst or programmer no longer carries the mystique nor creates the awe it once did, it's good to remember just how much skill it takes to perform these jobs to the high standards we now expect from such people.
    • One was a lawyer, one owned a business, one was a computer systems analyst.
    • Whether you're a systems programmer, software engineer, systems analyst, test professional, open source project contributor, or simply a Linux enthusiast, you'll find it indispensable.
    • His active duty assignments included serving as a Chinese linguist with the Air Force Security Service and as a systems analyst in Strategic Air Command.
    • There's also a broader editorial committee that includes two university professors, two journalists, a systems analyst and a trade union staffer.
    • I found out that they're systems analysts in their civilian communities.
    • Professionals such as systems analysts, computer scientists, engineers, programmers, eCommerce developers and Web designers are in great demand.
    • Computer systems analysts, engineers and scientists are expected to be among the fastest growing occupations.
    • Unlike middle-class women whose job opportunities include positions as programmers and systems analysts, these minority women in my study will work in the service sector.
    • Downsized in late 2002 and increasingly desperate, she wound up taking a job as a systems analyst for a large bank, even though it meant a $40,000 a year pay cut.