Translation of T-bone in Spanish:


chuleta, n.

(T-bone steak)

Pronunciation /ˈtiˌboʊn/


  • 1

    chuleta feminine
    (de vacuno con el hueso en forma de T) costilla feminine River Plate
    • Even without the filling soup as a first course, the T-bone steak and salad had been an excellent meal.
    • To my surprise, the kitchen provided me with a T-bone steak in place of Buxton's preferred filet mignon.
    • Careful Kitty's Cafe, the coffee shop at the El Cortez, serves a T-bone steak or prime rib dinner for $5.95 from midnight to 7 a.m. every day.
    • I could go to dinner and have a T-bone steak and mashed potatoes and gravy and this and that, and you know, that wasn't that hard for me to eat.
    • He was eating a T-bone steak when he saw Randy sitting at the bar drinking a malted soda.
    • You'd be going to your car, talking about your trip that you still have to make, talking about the T-bone steak you had inside the Ponderosa.
    • The tender steaks are rib, rib-eye, T-bone, porterhouse, tenderloin, sirloin and strip loin.
    • I don't know what we're doing with our beef in Australia but we had the best T-bone steak we'd ever had in Africa.
    • That's not a serving of pizza - it's a T-bone steak dinner with salad and a baked potato sprinkled with a teaspoon of salt.
    • Top items at B.395 were a mixed grill or a T-bone steak.
    • Main courses are next with sautéed mussels, chicken breast, pork steaks, T-bones, sea-bass and veal escallops, with everything cooked in a variety of aromatic Italian herbs and spices, and of course, lots of garlic.
    • Had a T-bone steak for dinner as we arrive at Chipley.
    • I once ordered a T-bone steak that completely covered the platter.
    • Bone-in cuts, like T-bone or porterhouse steaks, may pose a very, very slight risk.
    • They call it T-bone because it looks like a T-bone steak, like you're hitting a perpendicular head-on.
    • He actually got a T-bone steak, but Price was touched when he sent word back saying how much he liked the meal.
    • And safe journey and happy travels go out to Jervey who is probably tucking into a T-bone steak stateside.
    • Many find it too soft for their tastes, unlike the distinctive T-bone steak which derives flavour from the dividing bone.
    • There are one-plate meals for those who don't want to eat from the varied three course menu, including a T-bone steak at £10.50 and wholesome fare such as scampi, chicken kievs and turkey at around the £5 mark.
    • Most cuisines have examples of this, for instance, the American T-bone steak, the French escalope, the Middle Eastern kebab, and the thin slices cut for stir-frying in Chinese cookery.