Translation of tabby in Spanish:


gato atigrado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtabi//ˈtæbi/

nounPlural tabbies

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    gato atigrado masculine
    gata atigrada feminine
    • A grey tabby cat with white legs and wearing a red collar with a bell was found in the Hawthorn area of the town over the New Year period.
    • The cat was an orange tabby with amber eyes that were narrowed with anger.
    • Princess, a gray tabby, ran away, the bell on her pink collar that bore her name jingling.
    • ‘It takes about two years for the coat to come in completely on colors other than tabbies,’ says one cat association.
    • Skittles, an orange tabby, was left behind during a summer stay in southern Wisconsin.
    • The cat could be a tabby, a tortoiseshell, maybe even a Siamese.
    • Tumble, an adorable gray tabby, was a member of our family from the time she was born.
    • Another was a brown tabby, she was a very sweet kitten.
    • Debbie has fallen in love with a beautiful dark coloured tabby who, like most of the others, still has two weeks to go before he's ready for adoption.
    • We're very very proud, and he beat a very merited beautiful silver tabby.
    • They were all similar to Juniper, but each came in a different breed or color; some were ginger, some were tabbies, Manx even… Every kind of cat.
    • The cat's eyes were an extraordinarily bright shade of blue, and its coat was marked with white stripes similar to that of a tabby, but tipped with the black face, tail, and feet points of a Siamese.
    • There are tabbies and toms in white, black, grey and ginger.
    • On my way home I was accosted by a mewing tabby and white shorthair cat that proceeded to follow me home.
    • In the next suite was a man, a woman and a dark grey tabby cat.
    • With great reluctance, she handed over the little grey tabby.
    • Mavis and Stella aren't happy about my false start of five minutes ago, and the tabbies are sitting side by side, noses in the air, on the middle of the kitchen counter.
    • While she stroked the brown tabby, she reflected on the day ahead.
    • I noticed two cats curled up on the edge of the bed, one orange and one gray, both tabbies, and asked, ‘Is that your cat or a family cat?’


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