Translation of table talk in Spanish:

table talk

conversación en la mesa, n.


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    conversación en la mesa feminine
    conversación a la mesa feminine
    • I can't remember the last time I sat down to a meal out with friends and diets did not end up becoming the subject of our table talk.
    • The details of my accusation would be table talk from one end of this country to the other.
    • Certainly there was bound to be some table talk on exactly that topic in Scotland this week.
    • However, the recent meeting between Chinese President Jiang Zemin and US President George W. Bush last month had been regarded as a likely topic for table talk.
    • You can only imagine the table talk this man grew up with.
    • The table talk moves on to other more congenial topic.
    • The table talk gets interesting and people start to make deals.
    • Gerald relented and the rest of the breakfast table talk was about more normal, every day things.
    • There was a moment of near-silence, like a lull in table talk.
    • So I sat and I watched and I listened to the table talk.
    • Here, the custom of the house dictates that table talk itself turns always and everywhere to dinner.
    • Discuss what is appropriate table talk and agree to keep the game commentary within these boundaries.