Translation of tabloid in Spanish:


tabloide, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtæbˌlɔɪd//ˈtablɔɪd/


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    (formato de periódicos utilizado por la prensa popular) tabloide masculine
    (journalism) (before noun) popular
    (journalism) (before noun) dirigido a las masas
    (sensationalist) sensacionalista
    • Is it too much to expect, in this increasing tabloid media age, leadership from the media too?
    • Britain's first blind prime minister would certainly have tabloid appeal.
    • The reason why dumbing down and tabloid trivialisation is so widespread is that it works.
    • We ape the worst of tabloid titillation in a relentless downward drive of tacky exploitation.
    • If this tabloid exposé is on the level, frankly we should all be chucking our jewellery crossly into the woods.
    • His tabloid chatter won over a new generation and their relationship blossomed.
    • My interest in talking about Keira, however, is not to add to the stockpile of tabloid tittle-tattle.
    • Tabloid journalism is a tricky subject: it tends to invite lofty condescension.
    • Chattering about tabloid trivia or television celebrity shows, he can barely conceal his lack of interest.
    • It is tabloid trash no matter how you dress it up or justify it to yourselves.
    • The rise of tabloid journalism, and then of Hollywood, intensified this trend.
    • The first obstacle to the rising star of my career in tabloid television was that we were lost.
    • In short, the market is softening, but is in no way in a crisis, slump or any other such tabloid noun you care to use.
    • Throughout the article he used some of the most reactionary tabloid language possible for the occasion.
    • In fact, most of us have the same low tabloid tastes as everyone else.