Translation of tabulate in Spanish:


tabular, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtæbjəˌleɪt//ˈtabjʊleɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (data/results) tabular
    (results/data) presentar en forma de tabla
    • The results from the minute papers are tabulated and presented to the students each day and then selected topics are covered.
    • The results are then tabulated in a series of checklists or grids to indicate possible or probable health effects.
    • Results were tabulated and presented at multiple multidisciplinary conferences and clinical meetings.
    • Experts from the research department completed and tabulated the results at the end of last month.
    • The results of these two analyses are tabulated in the online supplement.
    • The same information can be tabulated by the whole class, for a composite picture of a trade.
    • Further, they were told that the instructor would not review or tabulate the responses until after final grades for the course were determined.
    • Survey results were tabulated for the entire sample and for girls and boys separately.
    • Published results from other genotoxicity tests and cancer studies have been tabulated.
    • But the real results are the ones that can't be tabulated by the Department of Education.
    • The questionnaire and tabulated results are available here.
    • Where possible we tabulated results in terms of means and standard deviations for consultations and proportions for prescribing and referrals.
    • Results are tabulated immediately and visitors have the option of viewing past surveys and their results.
    • The U.S. Census Bureau did not tabulate separate statistics for Panama, Central and South American nations until 1960.
    • The seven-person research team is kept busy all year tabulating the results into numerical ratings, city by city.
    • Acquisition results were tabulated for high to medium-low signal conditions.
    • The number of remaining lists, occurrences, or occurrences squared was also tabulated.
    • All surveys were electronically tabulated and the results were ranked in declining order.
    • We tabulate their performance below in no special order.
    • The percent of respondents classifying a task in each educational category was tabulated.
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