Translation of tachymeter in Spanish:


taquímetro, n.

Pronunciation /taˈkɪmɪtə//tæˈkɪmədər//təˈkɪmədər/


  • 1

    taquímetro masculine
    • A system for alignment and measurement of positions includes an electronic tachymeter and a reflector system.
    • Surveyors use a tachymeter to make quick calculations of the distances, bearings or elevations of distant objects.
    • The measurements are performed with modern surveying techniques, such as self-registering tachymeters and GPS receivers.
    • Unlike paintings, for example, which can be judged instinctively, if subjectively, a watch has to be judged from both an aesthetic and a mechanical standpoint, with a complicated lexicon of bezels, tourbillons and tachymeters to master beside the issue of aesthetics.
    • Two new Carrera tachymeters were launched at the end of 2005: a model with chocolate-brown dial, tachymeter and bracelet; and a model with blue dial and tachymeter and steel bracelet.
    • Survey bench marks were established so the location of every excavation trench as well as of all uncovered features and recovered artifacts could be precisely recorded with the use of the tachymeters.
    • The use of contact-less and satellite-based tachymeters and digital levelling instruments guarantees a standardised and efficient workflow.