Translation of tack room in Spanish:

tack room


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    cuarto o cobertizo donde se guardan los arreos
    • She grabbed a plain saddle and bridle in the tack room and took them to her horse, Night Devotion's stall, or Nivo as she'd nicknamed him.
    • The grounds include a 250-year-old Spanish chestnut tree and a lofted coach house comprising seven loose boxes and a tack room.
    • She put her saddle back in the tack room as soon as it was clean again.
    • Underneath the loft are two purpose built stables, a tack room, storage rooms and a car port for two cars.
    • As the early afternoon sun stretched through the windows, Noah sat in the tack room, cleaning a bridle.
    • I have an American style log barn with eight stables and a tack room.
    • At this level, there is also a tack room and a boot room.
    • A tack room is ideal, and in a perfect world they would all be heated.
    • A door at the end of the aisle led to the tack room where all the saddles and bags were as well as some salt blocks and buckets.
    • He wasn't in the rink or in the feeding room or the tack room.
    • He headed to the tack room to grab Sable's saddle and bridle and then headed back to her stall.
    • Annagh Mor House is a charming stone building with two sand arenas at the back and a tack room where all equine equipment is painted in stimulating colours for the children.
    • Two loose boxes, a tack room and a covered work area are in the stable block.
    • Making sure the horse was properly tied; she ambled over to the tack room and placed the bridle on its named hook.
    • I picked his hooves quickly, seeing as there wasn't much dirt in them and then returned to the tack room to get Glory's saddle and bridle.
    • We went into the tack room and saw all the saddles and bridles.
    • Kathryn laughed lightly and went to the tack room to get Punk's freshly cleaned saddle and bridle.
    • Do you have a tack room full of various bits, halters, lead ropes, lunge whips, lunge lines, and other training equipment or behavior modifiers?
    • Following alongside him, she entered the tack room and grabbed a saddle and bridle for herself.
    • Hawk didn't reply to her mutters, and with a huff Trish walked into the old tack room, seeing it still had a few stray bridles and saddle covers, though all were covered with a thick layer of dust.