Translation of tactical in Spanish:


táctico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtaktɪk(ə)l//ˈtæktək(ə)l/


  • 1

    (weapon/bombing) táctico
    (error/victory/retreat) táctico
    tactical voting voto útil masculine
    • The cost is the alienation of mainstream Arabs - tactical gain for strategic loss, or at least so it appears on the surface.
    • Washington was not aware of the presence of these tactical nuclear weapons and delivery systems in Cuba.
    • Four well-armed officers clearly had a tactical advantage if they used good judgement and training.
    • The administration began a conventional military build-up, and increased the number and types of tactical nuclear weapons.
    • She'd ordered her tactical officer to keep her eyes on the enemy carrier.
    • The Air Force objected to the Army having such a capability because tactical air support was the role of the Air Force.
    • As a field commander he combined an icy calm and plain common sense with great tactical flair.
    • I called to my tactical officer, as I fastened the last strap of the restraining harness snugly across my shoulders.
    • This was also the war where chemical agents were first openly used as tactical weapons.
    • Despite its size, Iwo Jima was considered to have great tactical importance.
    • There were virtually no tactical attack bombers of any value.
    • The sheer numbers and volume of traffic to and from Iraq, from the tactical to the strategic level, were significant.
    • Rehearsals and supervision are critical when supporting tactical operations.
    • Six modules designed to support tactical air operations arrive and are placed at the far end of the ramp.
    • Next, you wonder how to organize an entire brigade combat team's equipment to flow according to the tactical plan.
    • Two new tactical rifles are now available from companies which were once known as handgun manufacturers.
    • After the fall of France the Luftwaffe was in a very favourable geographical position for operations against England, but it did not have any overall tactical plan.
    • The depot is the Army's center of technical excellence for air defense and tactical missile ground support equipment.
    • The result is usually a plan focused at the tactical level driven by the Defense Department toward an exit strategy.
    • That, he says, was the basis upon which the squad was chosen, rather than with a specific tactical plan in place.
    • Luftwaffe tactical support for ground operations during the rest of the campaign remained spotty and ineffectual.
    • But the Army planned a much greater tactical role for the helicopter in Vietnam.
    • The Seleucids echeloned their right cavalry wing forward to gain tactical advantage.
    • The center also plans, directs and controls the sorties that provide troops with a constant tactical air support.
    • Last month she joined the US National Guard and quickly impressed her commanding officers with her tactical genius.
    • Close-range striking or longer-range missile or projectile weapons provide tactical hitting or firepower.
    • He announced to the world the Soviet Union was building secret missile bases in Cuba to house tactical nuclear weapons.
    • Thus, they determine the feasibility of strategic and tactical plans.
    • The squadron's first officer is also our security and tactical officer.
    • Numbered air forces are tactical echelons, providing operational leadership and supervision.
    • I have always disliked the Glock as a tactical weapon because it has no second strike capability.
    • Throughout eight tactical scenarios the officers are required to quickly develop, communicate and execute their mission.
    • With production under way, the timing was right to shift attention to the tactical missile threat.
    • Does one airplane, one bomb, one target represent strategic air power or tactical employment of aviation?
    • We need a binding and verifiable agreement on tactical nuclear weapons immediately.
    • The company tactical officers incorporate feedback into biannual counseling for cadets.
    • If it turned out to be a large enemy unit, then the division would employ a larger force as well as artillery and tactical air support.
    • Tenacious dedication to the simple but demanding task, plus tactical air support, allowed the division to survive.
    • Similarly, Israel had gained a tactical victory but could not afford to pressure the Soviets further.