Translation of tactless in Spanish:


poco diplomático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtæk(t)ləs//ˈtaktləs/


  • 1

    (person) poco diplomático
    (person) falto de tacto
    (remark/question) poco diplomático
    (question/remark) indiscreto
    that was a tactless thing to say demostró (or demostraste etc.) gran falta de tacto al decir eso
    • She is domineering, prone to tactless remarks, and often self-centered.
    • Arrogant in their opinions and assumptions, they can be blunt, outspoken and downright tactless.
    • He's tactless and lacks judgment but he's irresistible just the same.
    • Focus on peoples' loyal, affectionate qualities rather than their tactless, inconsiderate ones.
    • Marlene, bless her, would make the same tactless remarks I was threatening to spill.
    • A rather rude and tactless comment a few weeks ago when some of them had tried to visit her in hospital had assured them that she was still just as unsociable as before the kidnapping.
    • Others are the victims of tactless, heavy-handed criticism from superiors.
    • They're both tactless (even though Isabelle is much more so than Mum) and they both love criticising me to their hearts delight.
    • Although talented, he was always a difficult colleague, proud, tactless, short-tempered, and easily offended.
    • She is very smart and well-known and respected in our community - except for her tactless, uncaring personality.
    • Gracie turned away, and Jade inwardly kicked herself for being tactless, though she didn't really know of a tactful way to ask a question like that.
    • They have been completely tactless and insensitive to anyone's feelings.
    • Then she flinched, thinking herself completely stupid, blunt and tactless.
    • Well, okay, it is true, since he has the tendency to be blunt and tactless at times.
    • Where he is unapologetically tactless, though, is in his treatment of his critics.
    • I was shocked at the tactless way that he spoke within the hearing of the parents.
    • Her responses grew more tentative and insecure with each of his outrageously tactless remarks.
    • Sometimes he could be surprisingly blunt and tactless, perhaps passing on some unwelcome bit of information.
    • For a prime minister who fought the election on improving public services, such increases look like thoughtless and tactless extravagance.
    • Sure he could be a grouch, and completely tactless and insensitive, but he always seemed to have justifications for his actions, or at least would redeem himself.