Translation of tag cloud in Spanish:

tag cloud

nube de palabras, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtæɡ klaʊd/


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    nube de palabras feminine
    nube de etiquetas feminine
    • This will actually help me in writing articles since the tags clouds themselves become the article.
    • I have been using tag clouds as a thumbnail image of my own work and for complex texts.
    • Library House came up with this very nice tag cloud, showing the results.
    • A newspaper has published a telling tag cloud view of Bill Gates' speech earlier this week.
    • The folksonomies and tag clouds which emerge from Web 2.0 also help individuals maximise brief interactions with the medium by creating clusters of related information.
    • You also have the option of displaying calendars, archives and tag clouds which may or may not be useful and can clutter up your page.
    • The jury is still out on the usefulness of tag clouds.
    • Tag clouds also form clouds of associated tags.
    • I may want to subscribe to 9 rules members on 'web design' and perhaps the good old tag cloud could be employed.
    • This is an excellent use of tag clouds!
    • When users click on a topic in a tag cloud, the map appears with experts arranged according to their automatically calculated expertise ratings.
    • Over to the right of this new page you'll see my full tag cloud again.
    • If you look at the tag cloud to the right there, you'll see the entire cloud.
    • This application can show these tags either as traditional lists or as tag clouds.
    • The new version adds visualization of tag clouds in a hierarchical tree view.
    • Someone should modify the display of tag clouds so that the most used term (s) are in the middle and radiate outward in addition to relative size.
    • The site, Brand Tags, compiles all the answers to produce a "tag cloud" - an instant, visual illustration of how a brand is perceived.
    • This website makes heavy use of tag cloud for categorization.
    • The best way to explore the site is to ignore the category tags such as Business, Culture and Economics and hit the tag cloud.
    • This tiny application lets you cluster your various bookmarks into tag clouds.