Translation of tag end in Spanish:

tag end

final, n.


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    (of program, debate) final feminine US informal
    (of program, debate) última parte feminine US informal
    (of era) final feminine
    (masculine plural) (of era) últimos años
    the tag end of the dictatorship los últimos coletazos de la dictadura
    • nothing was left but some tag ends no quedaban más que restos
    • Now with a very sharp blade, trim the tag end right back to the whipping, if there are any stray ends, quickly pass a cigarette lighter over where the tag end comes through the whipping, effectively singeing away any loose strands.
    • Snug the knot up until it is of a size which will allow the hook to swing freely, pass the tag end of line though the crimp and snug it down close to the knot.
    • So it will be my way of talking about this tag end of the twentieth century and what it means to be an American.
    • The AFP writer and photographer got to the scene ‘in time’ to get photos of the tag end of the fight.
    • The strongest way to crimp is to pass the wire through the crimp, then through the swivel or hook eye, bring it back through the crimp a second time, then push the tag end of the wire inside the crimp's body a third time, then close the crimp.
    • As, Barton Biggs, the economic strategist with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, commented recently: ‘If inflation is almost non-existent at the tag end of a boom, what will happen during the recession?’
    • Trimming the tag end of the knot or even simply cutting it can pose a problem for anglers more used to snipping monofilament.
    • Now pull the loop shorter through the granny knot to leave just an inch or so of loop and a short tag end.
    • It had seemed like just an idea, only a couple of hours at the tag end of another of my travels.
    • Tease the knot down to a size where the hook has just sufficient room to swing freely, pass the tag end through the crimp and use the cup to cup pliers to crimp hard.
    • For the ultimate in simplicity, we also developed a fail-safe method of dealing with the tag end of a finished bimini.
    • Its spiritual home is somewhere between the tag end of the 1960s and that bit of the early 1970s where waif-like girls pointed at balloons in an effort to advertise bread that made you thinner.
    • To our right, over the Atlantic, orange lightning glowed over the horizon from the tag end of yesterday's storm.
    • There was no sign of his son anywhere among the tag ends of the harvest.
    • Instead, have a doubled piece of whipping twine handy and after pulling the tag end of the mono down between the two standing parts, as it were, make a half-hitch around them with the length of whipping twine to jam the tag end in place.
    • For me, Ed helped to make sense of that too rarely cited tag end of Thomas's definition of our species, Animal rationale et risibile.