Translation of tail in Spanish:


cola, n.

Pronunciation: /teɪl//teɪl/


  • 1

    • While she had been reading, he had unbuttoned the dark green cotton shirt and untucked the tails from his jeans.
    • A glassed-in tail gunner compartment is to the rear of the tail.
    • Kitt Peak observations also identified a bright tail extending from the galaxy.
    • Originally classified as an asteroid, Chiron now appears to be icy - with a tail like a comet.
    • Beginning at the tail, stitch the body long edge, leaving the upper edge open.
    • I twisted around in my seat and looked at the tail of the aircraft - it was engulfed in flames.
    • They will watch the material expelled from the comet get blown into the comet's tail.
    • This stream of lost material is what gives rise to the characteristic comet tail.
    • The seam of the canopy and the weapon bay doors are sawtoothed and the vertical tails are canted at an angle.
    • I sighed, and a cold breeze swept past me, lifting the tail of my coat.
    • Another example where this non-contact testing comes in handy is in testing elevator structures in aircraft tails.
    • Even wild and childish Kyle was poised behind his keyboard, black buttoned shirt, tails hanging unmannered over his casual blue jeans.
    • Button-ups with tails get tucked with a belt, anything else just rides in the wind.
    • The tail unit comprises all-moving horizontal tail surfaces and a single-fin vertical tail fitted with a rudder.
    • Unprotected at the tail of the aircraft they led precarious lives.
    • In 1985, it was sent to L2, and then through the tail of the Giacobini-Zinner comet.
    • The comet's tail is in fact made of dust grains and frozen gases from the comet's surface that vaporise because of the Sun's heat.
    • Just lick 'em and wipe with the tail of your shirt - you can taste when the glass is clean and when it's gritty.
    • The tail of his shirt and parts of his pants and underpants were burned.
    • They noted that comets had two tails - one of dust, one of ions - and only the dust tail could be explained by the pressure of sunlight pushing against the comet.
    • It was Apian who first drew the tails of comets pointing away from the sun and not streaming out behind them.
    • At Fort Bliss, friends and family gathered under the tail of the plane with open arms as the soldiers disembarked.
    • The force caused the blades to flap low enough to chop off the tail of the aircraft.
    • Born with a straight tail and fastback fuselage, the first 172s were little more than 170s with a nosewheel.
    • The stunning apparition of a comet's tail was long regarded as a portent of doom and disaster, and in a way this is not too far from the mark.
    • Thanks to pick-up ion measurements, Ulysses can make observations of comet tails at large distances from the Sun.
    • Further into my day a man in a suit drove past on a bike, suit tails and tie blowing in the wind.
    • Use the rudder to keep the tail right behind the nose, independent of what you're doing with the ailerons.
    • However, the ships had H-beams, which allowed the tails of aircraft to be suspended over the side with the main gear remaining on the deck.
    • When turning, watch the track of the tail of the aircraft, as well.
    • Engines, tails, landing gear, bomb-bay doors, wing flaps, and dozens of skin panels are removed.
    • The four-winged fruit fly is severely handicapped - like a small plane with extra wings dangling from its tail.
    • A sudden wind swept up the tail of my coat, and flocks of bugs hung low in the air, predicting rain.
    • The first indication that the Sun might be emitting a ‘wind’ came in the seventeenth century from observations of comet tails.
    • The canopy disintegrated and the wire shaved the top off AIRCDRE Pietsch's helmet before snapping on the tail of the aircraft.
    • In our own solar system, the solar wind is responsible for shaping comets' tails and producing the Aurorae Borealis on Earth.
    • The gases, expelled as jets, drive out debris that had been embedded in the ice, endowing comets with their flamboyant tails.
    • I could not grab hold of the tail of his shirt, tugging him toward me as I would have if he were still a small boy running heedless of danger into a busy street.
    • I cleaned it with the tail of my shirt, not exactly spotless, but passable.
    • The tail is pushed outwards from the Sun by the solar wind and radiation pressure, and so the popular conception that a comet's tail streams away behind it is wrong.
    • Here are some tips, facts and rules-of-thumb for making safe arrivals and departures with the wind at your tail.
    • When Earth runs into an old comet tail we see a meteor shower.
    • The refrigerator-sized satellite will collect dust particles from the tail of comet Wild 2 as the two pass each other on Friday morning.
    • Construction details are rounded out with single needle tailoring, hemmed sleeves and a vented tail.
    • It is this solar wind - seen only in comet tails - that carries storms from the Sun to Earth.
    • I leaned on the gate and saw the great wisps of clouds in the sky like comets' tails.
    • The outcry was such that the airline relented, the familiar red, white and blue made its way back onto the plane tails and planeloads of passengers breathed a sigh of relief.
    • Before departing they are instructed to try and photograph identification numbers or aircraft tails, if possible, and bring back the evidence.
    • He clearly could think of nothing else to say, so he took off his glasses and began polishing them on the tail of his shirt, as was his habit whenever he was thinking.
    • The rudder includes a separate yaw damper and the low tail is designed for post-stall stability.
    • Surely the best place for such tags would be on the tail of the shirt or some other low contact area.
    • Nicanor wore a multicolored striped oxford shirt with the tails tied at his waist.
    • Desmond scoffed, and then flipping up the tail of his coat, turned to sit down on the chair beside Isabella's.
    • A soft wind rustled the tails of his coat.
    • One of the classics is petticoat tails, which are shaped in a segmented round.
    • The biplane looked much like a Wright Flyer except it had only one propeller and a cross-shaped tail.
    • Reaching for the tail of his shirt, Dori pulled it up slightly to inspect his side.
    • Solar wind is responsible for the direction of a comet's tail, which always points away from the Sun.
    • I'm crouching, and I'm sure the tail of my coat is getting soaked.
    • The word ‘comet’ actually comes from a Greek word meaning ‘hairy star’ because of the tails that comets possess.
    • Then again Jack had a reason to drive evasively; even if he hadn't detected a tail, which was likely.
    • In a scene right out of The Sopranos, a tail followed a BFI truck out of the Lincoln Tunnel one evening and nearly ran it off the road in New Jersey.
    • 1.1

      (of horse, fish, bird) cola feminine
      (of dog, pig) rabo masculine
      (of dog, pig) cola feminine
      to be on sb's tail seguir a algn de cerca
      • they've been on our tail since we left nos vienen pisando los talones desde que salimos
      • to turn tail (escape) poner pies en polvorosa
      • with one's tail between one's legs con el rabo entre las piernas
      • to chase one's (own) tail ir y venir de un lado para otro sin conseguir nada
      • He then uses this to explain why there are no post-anal fins in fish: the tail is itself an appendage.
      • I measured body length from snout to base of the tail for all animals captured since 1988.
      • He looked to the brown dog, who immediately began wagging her tail.
      • When not resting or feeding, they can move quickly, hopping on their hind legs with their tail held out stiffly behind.
      • It's also possible that an Apatosaurus tail had a highly flexible extension, equivalent to a bullwhip's popper.
      • Most breeders use the technique known as ‘banding’, in which a ligature is placed over the end of a puppy's tail within four days of birth.
      • Typical examples of sexually selected traits are the exaggerated long male tails of many birds.
      • Their back and wing coverts are heavily barred with black, as are their rust-brown tails which terminate with a narrow white band.
      • Hoey demonstrated, using a gliding model of a raven, that the tail of such a bird may be used to function in this manner.
      • During the acupuncture stimulation, animals were kept in plastic holders with their tails and hind legs protruding out.
      • North American river otters are semi-aquatic mammals, with long, streamlined bodies, thick tapered tails, and short legs.
      • During his courtship display, the male puffs up his body and fans his tail.
      • Each is named by some consistent feature of the tail, or the body, or sometimes both.
      • The fossil turned out to be a composite of the body of a bird with the tail of a dinosaur.
      • Lastly, all chordates have a post-anal tail, or extension of the notochord and nerve cord past the anus.
      • I followed, trying repeatedly to get a good look, but they never allowed me more than a glimpse of their tails as they disappeared beyond the next bend.
      • As part of the preening process, the birds rub a natural oil, which is secreted from a gland at the bottom of their tails, over their feathers.
      • The tail, like the rest of the body, had no internal skeleton and was reinforced only by lines of scales.
      • These tiny little birds, with short tails and sharply pointed bills, include only three species.
      • Its tail and flight feathers are black, and its back and head are dark brown.

    • 1.2(informal) (buttocks)

      trasero masculine informal
      cola feminine Latin America informal
      pompis masculine Spain informal
      • An honest man would have packed his bags, hopped in his truck, and hauled tail out of that place a long time ago.

    • 1.3(US) (woman)

      he's after some tail anda buscando un polvo

  • 2

    (of plane, comet, kite) cola feminine
    (of shirt, coat) faldón masculine
    before noun tail section alerón de cola
  • 3informal

    perseguidor masculine
    perseguidora feminine
    to put a tail on sb hacer seguir a algn

transitive verb

  • 1

    (suspect) seguir
    he was tailing me me venía siguiendo (los pasos)
    • are you sure you haven't been tailed? ¿seguro que no te han seguido?
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