Translation of tail fin in Spanish:

tail fin

aleta caudal, n.


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    aleta caudal feminine
    • These early lobe-fins were fast-swimmers with a heterocercal tail, meaning that the tail fin was asymmetrical and larger on the dorsal side.
    • Mechanical testing of the tadpole tail fin has revealed that the fin is viscoelastic and stiffer in small rather than large deformations.
    • The overall appearance of the fish is similar to that of a small shark, given the shape of the body, the powerful tail fin, and the elevated anterior portion of the second dorsal fin.
    • In his effort to capture a female's attention, he puffs out his cheeks, mouth, and gill chambers by filling them with air; he also arches his back, points his tail fin, and sinuously wriggles his body.
    • The tail fin of most ray-finned fish, with the exception of sturgeons and paddlefish, is homocercal, nearly symmetrical about the midline.
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    aleta de cola feminine
    • Shocked travellers described how the larger Boeing 767 shook from side to side as its wing ripped off a tail fin from the smaller aircraft.
    • The variable sweep wing and the twin almost upright tail fins of the F - 14 Tomcat give the aircraft its distinctive appearance.
    • The radar warning receiver is mounted in the tail fin.
    • Though not yet covered, the tail fin, rudder, horizontal stabilizer and elevator are all built.
    • The aircraft structure incorporates larger strakes below the rear section of the fuselage below the position of the tail fin.