Translation of take out in Spanish:

take out

sacar, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(remove physically)

      take your things out of my drawer saca tus cosas de mi cajón
      • we had to take everything out again tuvimos que sacarlo todo otra vez

    • 1.2(exclude)


    • 1.3(transport)

      we'll get them taken out by helicopter los sacaremos en helicóptero

    • 1.4US

      (food) llevar
      food to take out comida para llevar

    • 1.5(withdraw)

      (money) sacar
      (money) retirar

    • 1.6(deduct)


    • 1.7(produce)

      he took out a gun sacó una pistola
      • he took a pipe out of his pocket sacó una pipa del bolsillo

  • 2

    • 2.1(extract)

      (tooth) sacar
      (tooth) extraer formal
      (appendix) sacar
      (appendix) extirpar formal

    • 2.2(obtain)

      (insurance/permit) sacar

    • 2.3(eliminate)

      (aircraft/opposition/enemy) eliminar

  • 3

    (accompany, conduct)
    he'd like to take her out le gustaría invitarla a salir
    • to take the dog out for a walk sacar el perro a pasear
    • you never take me out nunca me llevas / me sacas a ningún lado
    • he's taking me out to dinner/to the opera me va a llevar / me ha invitado a cenar/a la ópera
  • 4

    to take out an injunction obtener un mandamiento judicial