Translation of take to in Spanish:

take to

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(respond well to, develop liking for)

      he didn't take to life in the country no se adaptó a la vida en el campo
      • she doesn't take readily to change no se adapta bien a los cambios
      • I don't take kindly to being talked about behind my back no me hace ninguna gracia que hablen de mí a mis espaldas
      • she took to teaching immediately enseguida le tomó gusto a la enseñanza
      • they took to each other at once se gustaron inmediatamente
      • I never took to him nunca llegó a gustarme

    • 1.2(form habit of)

      to take to drink darse a la bebida
      • to take to -ing
      • she's taken to painting le ha dado por pintar
      • we've taken to using the car more hemos empezado a usar más el coche
      • she's taken to calling us at all hours le ha dado por llamarnos a todas horas

    • 1.3(go to)

      to take to the hills ir por el monte
      • everyone took to the fire escape todo el mundo se precipitó hacia la salida de incendios
      • to take to the streets echarse a la calle

  • 2informal

    (use on)
    I had to take a hammer to it le tuve que dar con un martillo
    • she took a belt to him le dio con una correa