Translation of talking point in Spanish:

talking point

tema de conversación, n.


  • 1

    tema de conversación masculine
    • Whether Richo plays or not will be the major talking point before the match but will make no difference to the outcome.
    • His success has been a major talking point throughout the nation, with most of the country agreeing with the choice.
    • The concert was a great talking point, especially because Indira Gandhi was a part of the audience.
    • In fact this, and the perilous state of farming, were the main talking points all day no matter whom I spoke to.
    • Surely the talking point of this year's meeting has to be the wonderful performances of Choisir.
    • How high up the management chain the issue goes remains the biggest talking point in financial circles.
    • Property remains one of the key talking points around the town.
    • The big talking point in the industry concerns the planned use of the 80m raised 10 days ago.
    • Our discussions with councillors and from open meetings have prompted talking points.
    • Make the subject the talking point in any photo, not the lens you took it with.
    • The range of musical styles, from Edith Piaf, Norah Jones to Fats Waller, was one of the talking points of the concert.
    • The quiz was a major talking point in the town in the 1960s and veterans have already said they will be rejoining the fun.
    • This performance by the Dons will prove a major talking point in the coming days.
    • At 8pm it's your chance to debate the weekend's major football talking points.
    • But let me just hit at least once on two of the silliest talking points of those pushing this argument.
    • The pub's fate is a major talking point in the village, according to sub-postmaster Garry Wilkinson.
    • BBC Sport Online explains the two main talking points and hears arguments from both sides.
    • Indeed, one of the major talking points among spectators concerned the witless manner in which so many wickets were thrown away.
    • Whether artificial additives or pesticides are the talking point, it's hard to focus on food without bumping into food scares.
    • Issues relating to support services, such as childcare and business training, and transport systems are also likely to be talking points.