Translation of tally in Spanish:


cuenta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtali//ˈtæli/

nounPlural tallies

  • 1

    cuenta feminine
    keep (a) tally of how much I owe you ve anotando lo que te debo

intransitive verbtallies, tallied, tallying

  • 1

    (versions/amounts/totals) coincidir
    (amounts/totals/versions) concordar
    (amounts/totals/versions) cuadrar
    • They say his actions, which destabilise, don't tally with the talk.
    • It is therefore important for speech writers to recognise the fact that, whatever they scribble, should tally with the audience or expectations of the listeners.
    • If the numbers of those who voted at that particular spot don't tally with the registers in the hands of agents, it would clearly be known.
    • However, his age and marital status do not seem to tally with the ‘Second Class’ status of this person in the List.
    • They can then see how their answers tally with those of people sampled in a Harris Poll.
    • The way observations tally with detailed calculations provides firm support for the model.
    • The number of reports does not tally with the number of case files because in some cases a single case file corresponds to more than one report of the same practice under investigation.
    • The actor feels the pressure of living up to a media-induced facade that just doesn't tally with reality.
    • This number tallies with the number given in the so-called street books where deaths were recorded by reference to the streets and houses where the dead were found.
    • Overall, worldwide PC unit shipments were up 23.3 per cent, according to IDC, which tallies well with PC Data's report on the US retail, online and mail order channels.
    • There are undoubtedly chefs who believe reviewers go out with the express intention of ripping into a restaurant, but that doesn't tally with my experience.
    • There are good reasons why the slightly arrogant screen image doesn't quite tally with the reality.
    • However, these claims do not appear to tally with official figures, which show that the number of acute beds increased by just 408 since 2001.
    • If the names on voting documents don't tally with people's ID, they will not be able to vote.
    • Often tax inspectors would discover tax evasion by examining an individual's personal assets and lifestyle to see if their outgoings tally with their income.
    • Andrews just hopes their ambitions tally with his own and those of his boss.
    • The news of economic prosperity doesn't tally with the headlines in the newspapers.
    • While most pollsters say they would contact clients whose analyses didn't tally with the numbers, few ever do.
    • Each of these designs has its own technical approach and theoretical bandwidth, the latter of which didn't always tally with our test results.
    • The figures tally with national averages, as a new report out today from the Department of Health reveals that Caesareans have increased four-fold in the last 25 years.