Translation of tamp in Spanish:


apisonar, v.

Pronunciation /tamp//tæmp/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (earth) apisonar
    (tobacco) apretar
    (tobacco) tacar Colombia
    • After perfectly leveling the greenhouse site, the contractor brought in a rolling vibrator, a mechanical compactor, and tamped the disturbed soil solid.
    • Once each layer is complete, the slip form is moved up and the next layer is tamped until the wall is complete.
    • Use the end of a hand tool or a stick to tamp the soil until firm.
    • Pack soil firmly and tamp to remove air pockets.
    • Meanwhile, she rocked back and forth to tamp down the sand.
    • I remember planting with my father, and having him explain how to work the soil, how azaleas liked their oak leaves or peat moss, how you tamped the dirt, gave them a drink.
    • Once the soil is ready, he tamps the beds with a sheet of plywood so the soil is firm and flat.
    • They also tamp the dirt around the seeds, giving the seeds a better chance of germinating.
    • If the level is too low, add more gravel before tamping the rest.
    • Lightly sprinkle the sand with water and tamp it down before installing the liner.
    • In firm ground you can just fill in around the hole and tamp the dirt down.
    • The concrete must be tamped or rammed down into its bed with a spade or rod.
    • Smooth the surface by tamping it with your putter or foot.
    • He pushed some loose soil over the hole with his wellington boot and tamped it down.
    • Gently tamp the soil around the base of each plant.
    • I learned to love early fall apples, their crisp taste tart on my tongue, and the feel of spring earth between my toes as I tamped down pea seeds behind my dad.
    • After tamping a few square feet, use a yardstick or a ruler to measure the tamped depth.
    • The team used hand tools to tamp the aggregate into the mortar as the structure slowly rose from the seafloor.
    • Lay the pavings with uniform joints and firmly tamp into the bedding.
    • When the post is properly aligned, tamp it thoroughly to pack the dirt (if used) around the base of the post.