Translation of tamper in Spanish:


pisón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtampə//ˈtæmpər/


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    (for tamping down earth, paving stones) pisón masculine
    (for compacting tobacco) instrumento para apretar el tabaco en la pipa
    • I notice the tamper sitting in the down refuge siding near the works depot.
    • With just a little bit of simple joinery one could make a Shaker-style wooden seed box to replace the modern plastic version, and a soil tamper to firm the compost.
    • We also buy regular rubber gloves for the guys working in the field and vibration gloves for the jackhammers and tampers.
    • Pipe and cigar smoking each have their own paraphernalia - pipe cases, pipe holders, pouches and tampers, used to mash down the burning tobacco in the bowl of the pipe.
    • Mix cement, aggregate, and coloring by hand and fill mold to match specifications of product being finished, using trowel, tamper, and scraper.
    • Shaped of such heavy metal the tamper would weigh about a ton.
    • Then use a tamper (you may want to rent this rarely used hand tool) to compact the stones.
    • Tamp the patch with a tamper or a garden roller filled about one-third full with water, or simply walk on it.
    • Use a tamper to compact the concrete around the form during pouring.
    • Its hydraulic PTO can manage breakers, tampers, drills, and saws.
    • To build with this technique, moistened soil is placed into a bag set in place on the wall, the bag is lowered into place, then compressed using a hand tamper.
    • Compact the material as best as you can with a tamper (a rental item) or the end of a heavy board, adding more material until the hole is slightly overfilled.
    • Shortly before a scheduled 2:30 p.m. lunch break, the operator asked the laborer and a co-worker to take a tamper in a pickup truck to a place near the roadway.
    • Using a tamper, he levels and compresses the grinds, a technique absolutely necessary for uniform extraction.