Translation of tandem in Spanish:


tándem, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtændəm//ˈtandəm/


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    tándem masculine
    • The beneficiary of this amazing journey would be the National Council for the Blind of Ireland and also taking part were two visually impaired cyclists on tandems.
    • Mum and dad would ride at the front of two tandems, with the children at the rear.
    • Should ladies ride in front, and thus steer, on a tandem?
    • One man died and three people were injured after a freak accident involving a tandem bicycle and two horses.
    • A baby buggy costs a further £5 and trailers and a tandem are available for £10.
    • There are also prizes for cyclists in numerous age group categories and also for tandems, which are becoming more and more popular.
    • About five hours into the ride, he mentioned casually that he preferred doing the race on a tandem, because the heavier bike made it so much more difficult.
    • Cyclists are ranked according to their disability and face fierce competition on traditional bikes, three wheeled bikes or tandems.
    • It means visually impaired people in Grimsby will have the chance to go out on a tandem bike with a sighted cyclist.
    • Bikes on display included a tandem for an adult and child, an electric bike, a recumbent touring bike and a back-to-back recumbent bike for adventurous cyclists.
    • Last year, she cycled over 1,300 miles from John O'Groats to Land's End on a tandem bicycle with her brother.
    • Big cash prizes are up for grabs for first female, male, mountain biker and tandem bikers in, and many, many lucky draw prizes are also to be won - irrespective of what category you enter.
    • However, I did make a road bike, mountain bike and a tandem for this particular customer which did not shimmy.
    • On May 3 this year, she set out on what she thinks will be her last big sponsored effort - to cycle from Rome to Leeds, on a tandem, with her brother.
    • Among the contingent were two tandems with a blind cyclist and a pilot on each one…
    • If your not sure your child has the coordination to share in the operation of a tandem bike, there's a fun variation referred to as a bike trailer.
    • Trek, the US bicycle manufacturer, with a factory in Carlow, has presented six tandems to Tandem Cycling Ireland for use as leisure and competition machines by the 80 impaired members of the organisation.
    • A man and woman sped through the intersection on a tandem bicycle, singing a song I couldn't make out, in a strong waltzing beat.
    • She took part despite training for only two weeks due to a severe illness following her last challenge, a tandem cycle ride from Rome to her home in Leeds.
    • This will make it impossible for trailerbikes and tandems carrying children and difficult for other types of bikes, especially those carrying loaded bags or childseats.