Translation of tang in Spanish:


sabor fuerte, n.

Pronunciation: /taŋ//tæŋ/


  • 1

    (strong taste) sabor fuerte masculine
    (sharp taste) acidez feminine
    (smell) olor penetrante masculine
    • I bit my lip until I tasted the bitter tang of blood.
    • She says it just gives it a bit of a tang, you can't taste the cheese.
    • Under full sail, you're one with the wind and the water, the sun warming your skin, the tang of salt spray on your tongue.
    • Set against spice of the chili and the sharp tang of the lime, it is an intense combination of tastes that balance beautifully with the lightness of the fish itself.
    • You can hear the waves breaking on the shore and a salty tang fills the moonlight air.
    • Tasting the salty tang of my own sweat, I sighed tiredly.
    • In summer, I add scoops of rich ice-cream; in winter, natural yoghurt and flower honey give a fragrant tang.
    • Even she hadn't noticed she'd bitten her lip until the coppery tang of blood rushed her taste buds.
    • It was fantastic: a very imaginative combination of tastes, from the saltiness of the Italian cured ham to the soft cheese and delicate fruit flavours, with the added tang of a balsamic sauce.
    • I drank and grimaced at the tartness, the tang of spice, but it helped settle my stomach.
    • I have come in to breathe in the still, dark air, the scent of prosciutto waiting on the slicer, the tang of lemon leaves.
    • I noticed the slight tang of ginger on his breath.
    • The salty tang hung in the air, making the atmosphere seem oppressive and dangerous.
    • The heat of the peppers is tempered by the peanuts, the sweetness of the honey balanced by the soy sauce and the citrusy tang of the ginger complemented by the garlic.
    • The balmy wind caressed their cheeks as they could taste the salty tang of the sea on their lips.
    • With this fast Indian fish curry, the refreshing tang comes from fresh ginger, while spices combine to give a complex backdrop of flavour.
    • Then she smelt the sharp tang of sulphur again and turned back.
    • She had missed the smell of the sea, the salty tang to the breeze that brushed her cloak and her hair.
    • If the tide was out, I could smell the tang of seaweed and the musky odor of the mud flats, and hear the clicking sounds as the barnacles and mussels closed up their shells.
    • A cool breeze wound through the narrow streets, and the tang of the sea was stronger.
  • 2

    (of blade)
    espiga feminine
    • Of course the most notable feature of the series is the absence of a protruding grip safety tang.
    • For more irony, though the old-style grip safety tang tends to bite larger hands, it causes no problem for most small-handed shooters.
    • Winchester has reintroduced the tang safety on its lever actions this year, replacing the unpopular cross-bolt safety.
    • The models have concealed tangs inside the handles, again with one-piece construction of solid steel.
    • The Puma rifles, not carbines, are already drilled and tapped for tang sights.
    • The lock's radiused, arc-shaped design permits maximum surface contact with the blade's tang.
    • The knife has a curvaceous handle with front and rear guards built into the full tang blade steel.
    • Arrowhead types include those with round shoulders and a swollen tang as well as those with angular, slanting shoulders and bilaterally knobbed or spurred tangs.
    • The knife and fork slot together as one, and the outer face of each handle is ornamented with a shaped ivory tang inset with horn, brass, and coral.
    • This Japanese Sword Index has very detailed and thorough information about sword types, blades, tangs, even flaws.
    • The 3 1/2-inch blade is high carbon stainless steel with full visible tang construction.
    • My interest in tang sights was fueled even more with the chance to test a Winchester High Wall from the rifle company.
    • No ordinary fixed blade knives, these were of a difficult integral design in which the blade, bolsters and tang are machined from a solid piece of steel billet.
    • The new Winchesters feature inertial triggers and a conventional tang safety that also doubles as a barrel selector.
    • The blades are housed in a brass lining and feature the Remington trademark etch and tang stamp.
    • The tang, or shank, that went into the solid handle was notched and recessed on each side.
    • The tapered tang reduces weight in the handle and places the balance further forward where it increases control.
    • There was a time when having a tang sight on your rifle was the sign of a serious marksman.
    • The hilt was usually without a pommel or crossguard, whilst the tang went all the way through the smaller seax handles and was clenched over at the end of the grip.
    • It's important to note the sight will not work with the new versions made by Winchester that have the tang safety installed.