Translation of tangle in Spanish:


enredo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtaŋɡ(ə)l//ˈtæŋɡəl/


  • 1

    (of threads, hair) enredo masculine
    (of threads, hair) maraña feminine
    (of threads, hair) embrollo masculine
    (of weeds, undergrowth) maraña feminine
    (of streets) laberinto masculine
    (of streets) embrollo masculine
    I tried to comb the tangles out of my hair traté de desenredarme el pelo
    • the ropes lay in a tangle on the floor las cuerdas estaban hechas una maraña / un enredo en el suelo
    • how did your hair get into such a tangle? ¿cómo se te ha enredado tanto el pelo?
    • As always when she woke up, her hair was a mass of tangles.
    • I resume brushing the knots and tangles out of his hair and furrow my brow, once again in deep contemplation.
    • His head was thrown back, and his hair was crusted with dried blood and twisted in nasty tangles behind him.
    • I looked up, and between the buildings pressed close together and behind the tangle of tram lines, the sky was pink and gold.
    • I was flushed by the time I pushed heavily through the doors of the library, and my windblown hair was in twists and tangles, not that my appearance bothered me tonight as it rarely ever did.
    • His hair showed an unruly tendency to curl, flipping out at his ears and twisting in tangles.
    • These products allow you to simply roll up strands of lights, much like a garden hose holder, so next year you won't have to fight with tangles.
    • Her hair was a mass of tangles, sand and sweat caked to her scalp.
    • He pushed his fingers through the damp tangles and twisted the ends with his fingertips.
    • Skyscrapers shoot out of the ground like mushrooms overnight, and each humid and often overcast day brings a fresh twist in the tangle of four-lane carriageways that snake through the city.
    • She fought through the tangle of brushwood trying to catch up with her fleeing friend.
    • This braid is a lot more difficult to accomplish if your hair has tangles or knots.
    • I brushed the tangles out of the golden locks and French-braided it down my back.
    • Instead she smoothed her hair with her hand, calming the dishevelled tangles and knots, and walked back into the empty bedroom.
    • His brown hair was an unruly mass of tangles and knots.
    • I've spent some time watching the bands, all heaped together in a tangle of charity shop clothing, talking about their music.
    • Blood clots are formed by platelets - small shards of old cells which float harmlessly in the blood until they are chemically triggered to stick together in a tangle of threads of fibrin protein.
    • Her hair was a mess of tangles and knots, and she didn't even look up when we entered the room.
    • Together with their messy tangle of wires they further despoil the view through The Village already made unsightly by the telecom company's previous assaults.
    • Break up tangles with a wide-toothed comb or just your fingers.
  • 2

    (muddle, confusion)
    lío masculine
    enredo masculine
    to get into a tangle armarse un lío
    • I'm in such a tangle with these forms tengo un lío con estos formularios
    • the tangle of bureaucracy la maraña burocrática
    • Her music was neither primal punk nor introspective blues but a more complex tangle of emotions shared by both.
    • He begins a race against time to find the real killer - fighting his way through a tangle of lies and deceit to uncover an act of evil which has destroyed the life of more than one young person.
    • The great virtue of his sweeping narrative is that it acknowledges both the complex tangle of loyalties that drove all those who fought in the wars and the importance of events in Scotland and Ireland.
    • One agency attempting to unravel the tangle is the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
    • The reason for the delay is the mess ministers are making of the terrible tangle of complicated regulations in an already rotten piece of legislation.
    • The notion that the tangle of potent and conflicting interests in Americans' medical information could be resolved over such a short period now seems little short of quaint.
    • Chapter 3 examines the confused tangle of existing and proposed pipelines, which is far too complex to summarize here.
    • Most cases proved far more difficult, and never escaped the tangle of legal complications that surrounded the issue.
    • I do think beneath the tangle of consumer culture we do have quite simple needs - love, sex and affection, satisfying work, feelings of progression.
    • I'm sure a few of you may be getting individual mails about this at some point in the future, but it's a complicated tangle, and I really don't want to go there.
    • All she wanted was to sleep for a week or so and then try sorting out this catastrophic tangle of events.
    • The lawsuits consist of an immensely complicated tangle of legal proceedings, which need only be outlined here.
    • No, this is not a revelation that unraveled the inexorable tangles of my mind.
    • Her mind was in a tangle - was being with her worth the anguish of battle?
    • This elegant little book is based on a good idea: to relate the history of the Sydney Opera House as a tangle of architectural, political and cultural narratives.
    • The real evil is the muddle, the tangle of evasions, words, intrigues by which he instinctively seeks to dodge reality.
    • Out of this bewildering tangle, we are fortunate to have extracted a few points of clarity.
    • Again, either way it is quite easy to anticipate an enormous tangle of legal disputes if this proposal were adopted.
    • Given the tangle of alliances and expectations, this led to war.
    • Throw in the fact that you need to master a few other programs to support the design software and you have a confusing tangle of programs to learn all at once
  • 3informal

    lío masculine
    follón masculine Spain informal
    • He would have to be a very smooth talker to extricate himself from this tangle.
    • But the legal tangles and public resistance would always be there.
    • It is left to India and China, who have in the past, frittered away their most creative energies in wars and conflicts to rise above their tangles and claim the economic leadership that he is fast abandoning.
    • Once again, we get into these enormous potential legal tangles.
    • However, since May 2000 the company has been mothballed over ongoing legal tussles and tangles.
    • And they always looked capable of scoring at a set-piece: a messy goalmouth tangle, a muscular header.
    • Her husband is a US citizen which takes care of all the legal tangles in her life.
    • Akin to the Rapunzel character in the classic Grimm fairy tale, the long tresses of this 12th class student from Kollam nearly got her into a serious tangle.
    • With her ruling early in November, the five-year legal tangle over the future of the Corporation has ended.
    • The report's myriad analyses of bureaucratic tangles, however, indicate a continuing lack of focus.
    • At one point, to try to help me understand the whole tangle, he pulled out a piece of scrap paper - a flyer announcing a picket of a new fashion store.
    • All of that creates a further unnecessary tangle, and potential extra costs in terms of time, money, and compliance for both a staff member and an employer.
    • The team's hopes of turning around the final faded in the 83rd minute when the keeper was sent off for violent conduct after clashing with another player in a goalmouth tangle.
    • The company's many tangles with the court are well known.
    • Right now the food is rotting and people are starving because of bureaucratic tangles.
    • 60 mins: they get in another tangle down on the touchline.
    • It's a big one, and it's going to cause a massive legal tangle.
    • It's true that having only a few states recognize gay marriage would lead to confusions and legal tangles.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (wool/threads) enredar
    (threads/wool) enmarañar
    the bird had tangled itself in the net el pájaro se había enredado en la red
    • to get tangled enredarse
    • my hair got tangled se me enredó el pelo
    • I grumbled, one arm hanging off the edge of my bed as I turned over, only tangling my sheets around me even more.
    • Continuing to follow the lines past other tangled pieces of wreckage brought us to the main hull of the ship.
    • As you edge into position, the kite has to be put up and away from the boat without tumbling into the fly-bridge, tangling the riggers or touching the water - normally the sea is too lumpy for someone to do this from the bow.
    • The nets the poor girl is tangled in are firmly meshed themselves in a whole mess of nets and bushes and pans and timber.
    • His legs were apparently tangled in fishing line so he couldn't kick or swim.
    • She was tangling the phone cord with her index finger.
    • Soon the rings and cans get all tangled together, and you have a huge mess inside the cooler.
    • We liked to think that the story of Australia is not one, but many tangled together.
    • The grape-vines are tangling their way over the trellis I put in last month.
    • If the bait spins it will inevitably tangle these short snoods and the baits will not be well presented.
    • Attempting flight, she tangled her foot in the sheet and landed on her knees.
    • Then he saw her, sitting on a stone bench in the midst of a group of tall, tangled white roses.
    • Her hair hung in clumps down her back, tangled together and being blown in the wind.
    • Problems began yesterday afternoon when a tram became stranded near the station when the power lines became tangled with its overhead power connection.
    • In spite of my enthusiasm, I seemed to get my feet all tangled up even with the simplest of moves.
    • I love to tangle my hands up in the strings, let them go free, then tangle them up again.
    • Her face is splattered with mud and her hair is tangled and windswept.
    • It was tangled so to get her fingers through it like a comb was a bit of a challenge, but she managed.
    • His long hair was tangled and matted, and I brushed it off his forehead as I cradled his head in my hand.
    • The singer kept tangling his mike wire around things and almost knocked the stand over twice!
  • 2

    (muddle, confuse)
    the situation has become even more tangled las cosas están todavía más enredadas
    • a tangled affair un asunto enredado / complicado
    • The institutional church has become hopelessly corporate, hopelessly tangled in a web of secularism.
    • Her mind was a twisted and tangled web of emotions, changing every time she thought she liked someone.
    • Unsurprisingly, nothing is what it seems as his play tangles its way to a quadruple-cross conclusion.
    • An industry drive to make that tangled web more secure is long overdue, he says.
    • Their visit to Elvis is now so tangled up in drug-related memory loss that it's hard to say if anything happened at all.
    • Western aid also helps counter the effects of Montenegro's impossibly tangled government budget and economic system.
    • To reveal more would be to enter an endlessly tangled web of mistaken identity.
    • It's sad when your emotions get tangled up so much in the web of love.
    • Despite flashbacking and fast forwarding, the storyline is so tangled it encourages speculation.
    • The communications industry is becoming an increasingly tangled web.
    • She disguises herself as her twin brother and is drawn into a hilariously tangled web of affections.
    • The more I think about it, the more I get tangled up in a web of interpretations, none of which make complete sense.
    • Like the whole tangled story of the casa nostra, the new Mafia museum contains more secrets than meets the eye.
    • They get tangled up in a web by telling each side what it wants to hear rather than what it needs to hear.
    • Furthermore, we must avoid tangling science and religion.
    • She became an expert in parliamentary law - cutting through red tape and also tangling red tape up to suit her purposes.
    • He tangles these loose story lines just tight enough to sustain tension through 500 pages of his trademark Scottish beat prose.
    • When you lie and lie and lie, you get tangled up and forget what the truth really is.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (rope/threads) enredarse