Translation of tank in Spanish:


depósito, n.

Pronunciation: /taŋk//tæŋk/


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    (for liquid, gas)
    depósito masculine
    tanque masculine
    (on trucks, rail wagons etc) cisterna feminine
    fermentation tanks cubas de fermentación
    • developing tank cubeta de revelado
    • The fuel tank and exhaust pipe routing were modified slightly to accommodate the new subframe.
    • Its oil refinery and farms of storage tanks disburse petroleum products to much of South-East Asia.
    • The car has been plagued by two recalls and at least six repair notices, ranging from faulty fuel tanks to seat belt flaws.
    • After spinning out in Saturday's qualifying, he would have started in the back of the pack anyway, so his team gave his car a fresh engine and a full tank of fuel as soon as the race started.
    • Only two tonnes of liquid chlorine spilt from a storage tank after an equipment failure, but it was enough to cause plenty of drama.
    • The underground storage tanks for these chemicals (and you can be sure there were many in the Silicon Valley) sometimes leaked.
    • A look at old race cars, with their exposed fuel tanks and absence of seatbelts, is a sobering reminder of just how vulnerable the drivers once were.
    • There are eight raw storage tanks plus an outdoor silo for all liquid ingredients, with capacity totaling 54,000 gallons.
    • In Atlanta, a retired attorney of impeccable reputation was arrested for trying to take photos of some storage tanks.
    • In fact, the effective storage of most hydro tanks is about 18 percent of the total volume.
    • New emission limits will be imposed on the company when recycled liquid fuel is used and purpose-built secure on-site storage tanks will be used to store the fuel.
    • The rainwater falling on the rooftop, which acts as the catchment area, is directed to the storage tank with the help of specially made channels using PVC pipes.
    • The toxic waste flooded footpaths, flowed through a forest and onto playing fields after the storage tank on the road overflowed.
    • Storage tanks will also be built to treat stormwater.
    • Then the airflow is diffused, only to be recompressed and diffused again as it moves along the underside of the car past the muffler and the fuel tank.
    • He notes, for example that there are additional opportunities for plastic fuel tanks.
    • Moreover, much of the water supply is deliberately contaminated by willful destruction of sewers, water pipes and storage tanks.
    • Fuel tanks in the racing cars are located to the left of the driver so a two-seat conversion requires it to be moved to the rear of the car - no small job.
    • Both plastic fuel tanks and plastic intake manifolds have experienced significant gains since 1995.
    • This fitting design actually pressurizes the fuel tank and forces gasoline out of the fill pipe and it flows into the bilge.
    • Probably the best system would have been to run them off natural gas and to have created storage tanks near the pumps in case the gas lines failed.
    • The fuel tank still contained gasoline and the majority of rubber hoses and other rubber items were in such condition that they could be reused if wanted.
    • As you can see from the figure below, the baffle extends to the top of the tank, and the liquid passes through holes below the water line.
    • In the aftermath of a collision cars with full fuel tanks tend to go up in flames killing the occupants who might have survived the collision.
    • With the boiler and storage tanks removed from the cinder block building, that seemed to be the best first place to look.
    • Fuel tanks could be considered the container of the lifeblood of your Mazda.
    • Self-sealing crashworthy fuel tanks have explosion suppression and non-return valves.
    • I get a free car for a week, brand spanking new, with that gorgeous new-car smell and most probably a full tank of petrol, to drive wherever I want?
    • This is why drivers are asked to turn off their automobile engines, and not smoke, when filling fuel tanks with gasoline.
    • Sperm is traditionally stored in large liquid nitrogen tanks together with a protective chemical that must be removed before fertilisation.
    • Currently, the plant has two cream storage tanks and three raw milk storage tanks.
    • In rural areas, there are normally only a few service stations, so when travelling long distances, be sure to leave with a full tank of fuel.
    • But remember, a full tank of fuel costs £77 and lasts just over 300 miles.
    • If so, he will not be as quick with a fuller tank of fuel come the first race.
    • The protest forced the field to halt production in order to prevent its 2,000-barrel storage tanks from overflowing.
    • With a full tank of fuel, the weight bias shifts rearwards slightly, which helps traction, as does the standard limited slip differential.
    • There are temperature controlled fermenters and storage tanks, and good new oak barrels for maturation.
    • We understand that there is a gas leak and a possible shearing of an oil storage tank as well or a leak in a storage tank.
    • The rear seat sat above the fuel tank, which was accessed via a filler door located low on the body side, just behind the driver's door.
    • He had breached several conditions of his licence by failing to notify the Petroleum Licensing Authority of his intention to discontinue the use of petroleum spirit storage tanks.
    • First, the front warhead destroys the reactive armour and then the rear warhead has free passage to penetrate the main body armour of the tank.
    • That night the cabinet rounded up the strike leaders and flooded Glasgow with tanks and trainloads of troops to break the strike.
    • The Marines have captured two bridges and moved hundreds of tanks, armoured vehicles, fuel trucks, Humvees and other military vehicles across them in the past few days.
    • Following its use as a storage site for tanks during the war, the road has been kept usable by constant patching up.
    • Both tanks contained full combat loads of high explosive rounds, as well as .50 caliber and 7.62 rounds.
    • In short, tanks and troops alone will not win this struggle.
    • Correspondingly, would Rommel have achieved even greater success with his tactical genius and an endless supply of tanks and fuel?
    • There were tanks on both sides of the border and his regime imprisoned many Soviet sympathizers (real or just suspected).
    • My tanks reached the northern side of the bridge leading to Saigon.
    • They fought tanks, armored personnel carriers, jets and precision munitions with Datsun pickups.
    • The helicopters, accompanied by tanks and heavy Bradley fighting vehicles, arrived later than many expected.
    • The mission of the aircraft is ground attack against tanks, armoured vehicles and installations, and close air support of ground forces.
    • Also for sale are evocative photographs of the Queen's Park works which was switched from making steam locomotives to producing tanks during the Second World War.
    • Within a week, Hitler had occupied the Sudetenland, and six months later German tanks rolled into Prague.
    • Sophisticated hardware including helicopters, tanks and armoured vehicles is often useless because it is an easy target for enemies.
    • Among the advantages, few of the Army's tanks and armored fighting vehicles were lost to enemy action, and in most cases, their crews survived.
    • In the late hours of 16 November tanks, armoured vehicles and elite army units started to move towards the city centre.
    • There is no doubt we have the finest tanks and infantry fighting vehicles in the world.
    • Other reports indicated that hundreds of people were being indiscriminately mowed down by tanks and armoured vehicles in various suburbs.
    • It was used in Baghdad last year to attack side streets where tanks were thought to be hiding.
    • And don't refrain from telling your friends: Among drunks, the real ones anyway, a night in the tank is a very large feather in the drinking cap.
    • I got thrown in once when I was underage, not to eventful though...tried to get a cop to drive me home, he said sure and drove me straight to the tank.
    • Get thrown in the tank and they let me out at 6am and give me back my shoe laces and bifocal sunglasses I don't even remember them and just kind of smiled when the girl was emptying the bag.
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    tanque masculine
    carro de combate masculine
  • 3USslang

    cárcel feminine
    cana feminine South America slang
    chirona feminine Spain informal
    tanque masculine Mexico informal
    tambo masculine Mexico informal
    guandoca feminine Colombia informal

intransitive verb

  • 1USinformal

    (stock market) venirse abajo
    (movie/show) fracasar estrepitosamente