Translation of tankard in Spanish:


jarra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtaŋkəd//ˈtæŋkərd/


  • 1

    jarra feminine
    pichel masculine dated
    a tankard of beer una jarra de cerveza
    • By the evening he was gone, with no party, no presentation, no silver tankard.
    • But he raised a pewter tankard of foaming ale to celebrate the success of his campaign and will be back next week
    • Inside, dried hops hang from the beams and pump beer signs stuck among tankards on the ceiling let punters know what favourable ales have been drunk by previous patrons.
    • He rose and walked to the counter where he grabbed a jug of beer and refilled his tankard.
    • The winner will receive a pewter tankard, hip flask and stamp set.
    • I'm not one of those that laments the old thick dimpled beer tankards with handles on the side.
    • He stood and began pouring from a tall earthenware flagon, filling tankards with ale.
    • One of the regulars tapped his pewter tankard on the bar and cleared his throat noisily.
    • As they crossed the length of the room, they finally espied her crew, barking raucous laughter and drinking deep of their pewter tankards.
    • I must have either surprised the men by asking or looked incredibly stupid standing there with a tankard of ale clutched in one hand.
    • The man glanced over at him, then recoiled with an oath, almost tipping over his tankard of beer.
    • A new trophy, a silver tankard donated by the former captain and president, was awarded to the winning team.
    • Particularly notable are an early nineteenth-century Windsor armchair with an elaborate fretwork back and a rare early eighteenth-century silver tankard.
    • Men grappled with heavy implements all day long, then hit the local pub to drink ale from a 10-pound beer tankard, fight and arm-wrestle.
    • He glanced up from his tankard as the tavern door swung open and a tall cloaked man entered.
    • He nods towards a phalanx of priests nursing beer tankards, swaying dreamily to the white noise of the band crackling through the speakers.
    • There sat a very large, intricately worked silver tankard, around the base of which languidly lay a thin aristocratic-looking hand.
    • Pewter mugs and tankards were the main vessels for dispensing beer, but the metal did not appeal to drinkers of coffee and tea.
    • It was a big tankard, silver-sterling silver tankard, with his name on it, and the date and the name of the film.
    • She came back with a cow horn tankard of beer, brown foam sliding down one side.