Translation of tap dance in Spanish:

tap dance

claque, n.


  • 1

    claque masculine
    tap masculine Mexico
    • Remember that all jazz dance is essentially social dance set to jazz or jazz-influenced music, and that tap dance is a crucial part of the jazz dance scene, although it would not normally be taught by a jazz dance teacher.
    • His wife and daughter both taught tap dance as well as ballet.
    • He'll use tap-dance or mimic the jumping, flickering images from TV video clips, or he'll tell the story of Michelangelo's David - still inside its block of marble.
    • She studied acting at New York and received training in ballet, jazz and tap dance at Norfolk Civic Ballet, Old Dominion University and at HB Studios.
    • Meanwhile, he performed an impromptu tap dance which drew great applause and hoots of appreciation from the audience.
    • And when she executes a tap-dance while seated at her stenographer's desk, in one of Rob Ashford's wittier pieces of choreography, she makes it look effortlessly elegant.
    • Hitting precise aggressive rhythm patterns with percussive attacks, his dynamic technique and lengthy performances reflected his dedication to tap dance.
    • But that is closely followed by a whirling tap dance by the actor who twirls chairs and leaps on bars with fantastic agility.
    • But most special is that she is combining Brazilian music with American tap dance and she is maintaining the integrity of both.
    • Dorothy Kloss, 81 and in her 10th season with the Follies, was teaching tap dance in Pasadena and babysitting her grandchildren after a long career headlining in nightclubs and theaters.
    • There you have a basic beginning, tap dance continued to grow alongside the music that it was danced to.
    • As part of the program's commitment to a broad range of styles, the children were taught a tap dance to perform at one of the concerts.
    • He was a national tap dance champion before switching to ballet at 17.
    • Remember, though, that they are looking for talent so it can be absolutely anything from a tap dance to the whistling of a tune.
    • This time, the ensemble will not review Russian and Latin classics but show the audience new material like Spanish Flamenco dance and Irish tap dance.
    • How was it that he'd persuaded me with a simple tap dance like that?
    • So I learned all kinds of dance - hip hop, tap dance and jazz by watching videos and television.
    • Tap is another excellent way to build enthusiasm for dance; many boys know Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly and relate tap dance to their success.
    • Before she was grown, she would take up flute, violin, ballet, ice-skating, tap dance and French, and she would skip the first and seventh grades.
    • New York City's Second Annual Tap Festival, held July 8-14, creates a highly visible home for tap dance.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    bailar claqué
    bailar tap Mexico
    hacer zapateo americano Southern Cone