Translation of tape hiss in Spanish:

tape hiss

zumbido de fondo, n.


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    (de una cinta) zumbido de fondo masculine
    • Some (myself included) found the manic abandon of their songwriting mixed with nominal tape hiss charming.
    • Free of annoying background noise like tape hiss and popping, dialogue is easy to understand and the film's forgettable score remains clearly so.
    • No tape hiss is present, but that's a problem that is virtually non-existent in the digital recording world.
    • Some light hiss does remain - tape hiss will never completely disappear from many analog recordings - but it is never a bother.
    • If there is a weakness, it is that some tape hiss does come through during quiet stretches of the soundtrack.
    • The incessant sound of tape hiss is present throughout the feature and dialogue (in German with very shaky English subtitles) is often difficult to hear.
    • The transfer to CD is quite fine, if a little constricted sonically, judged by present-day standards, with a bit of tape hiss on the archival material.
    • Also missing is any kind of audio quality cleanup software to help reduce or eliminate snaps, crackles and pops from LP recordings, and a utility to reduce tape hiss that dogs almost all cassette recordings.
    • To gain some clarity on muffled vocals, try boosting between 5 and 8 kHz, but not too much, because the EQ will also accentuate any tape hiss.
    • Background distortions are minimal, with very few traces of tape hiss or sound pops.
    • Once hidden by analog tape hiss, the noise of vintage devices may be excessive by digital's standards, leading older gear to fall off of the ledge of acceptability.
    • The sound still has a bit of tape hiss (either that, or it's very bright acoustic), but that shouldn't stop you.
    • There are no major defects located within the soundtrack, but there is some evidence of the lifelong side effect of analog recording: tape hiss.
    • Sound quality, apart from the usual tape hiss is excellent.
    • ‘Those kids are gone’ is acoustic folk pop piped through a severely overloaded microphone and choked by tape hiss.
    • It should also be noted that the track is also free of most background distortions like pops and tape hiss.
    • I didn't have any problem deciphering any of the dialogue, but there's a significant tape hiss droning along in the background, and the score sounds as though it was recorded in the bottom of an empty cookie jar.
    • Older features sometimes have a problem with tape hiss and other problems plaguing analog recordings, but I am happy to report that it is completely audible.
    • They create digital recordings, which lack the tape hiss that used to plague cassette recordings.
    • Distortion is held to a minimum with little in the way of tape hiss or popping to annoy.