Translation of taper in Spanish:


astilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈteɪpər//ˈteɪpə/


  • 1

    (of wood) astilla feminine
    (of paper) papel enrollado masculine
    • The food's good too, of course, especially the mince pies and the pudding, but doesn't it all taste so much better when you turn down the lights and put a taper to the candles?
    • "Ok," He shrugged, handing me a taper to light one of the little candles with.
    • Next to us, people were fumbling with candles, some fishing for matches in their packs and purses, others using the taper below the row of candles to light their candle.
    • Absorbed in the ramifications of this, I automatically lit a taper from a lamp in the hall and carried it through to light the oil lantern that hung in my room.
    • She said he then leaned over her with a taper which he lit and then used to light the massive fireworks.
    • Light fireworks at arms length using a specially-made safety lighter or a taper.
    • Always light them at arm's length using a taper.
    • The fire was caused by vandals who pushed a lit taper through the letterbox.
    • While she was gone a menial came by to light the ceiling lamps, a touch with a burning taper on the end of a pole and the gas wicks glowed to life.
    • Carissa lit a taper in the outer room and lit the lanterns in her secret room.
  • 2

    (larga y delgada) vela feminine
    candela feminine
    • These special seats, and sometimes the whole house, would then be lit up with wax tapers that burned cleaner and brighter than the usual tallow candles.
    • They welcomed us in, lighting tapers laced with damar gum that exuded a wonderful smell and were attached to the walls, giving their house the feel of a baronial hall.
    • Votives and tea lights can be popped into old teacups, apples can be cored to hold a taper candle, or you can just set pillars and votives on top of an old wall mirror or picture frame used as a tray!
    • A large bed was across from the door, a nightstand with a taper candle was to the bed's right, a wardrobe was to the left of the room, an open doorway led into the connected bathroom, and a hand-woven rug adorned the wooden floor.
    • As the wick flared and settled, she placed the taper in a silver holder to allow it to burn out of its own accord.
    • Many people may feel that formal candles, such as tapers, are commonplace necessities for a sophisticated dinner party.
    • They're intended to hold tapers, but apparently putting them upside down is The Hottest Trend in home candle fashions.
    • We went to the section where the candles were kept, and I picked up a few black, gold and silver tapers.
    • He invites the children to sit with him, and they bunch up around him, holding lit tapers.
    • Whether you are anticipating dressing up a formal dinner with elegant tapers or adding intimate votives to a small party setting, the choices are mind-boggling.
    • To light their homes, early Americans relied on tallow candles, floating tapers that burned assorted greases, and lamps that burned fuels such as lard and turpentine.
    • Inside the wreath, place a large candle or several tapers.
    • Within certain fragments of the early church, the baptism ceremony once incorporated the gift of a lighted candle or taper as a representation of the recipient's new spiritual Illumination.
    • Sealing kits are available at most fine stationary stores, but a regular taper candle in a dark colour works just as well.
    • In a small picnic basket collect a tablecloth, a vase with a realistic rose in it, 2 taper candles with holders (don't forget a lighter) and a lovely meal for two.
    • Place skinny little taper candles and twisted glass icicle ornaments in others.
    • He had draped the table with a fine white linen cloth and added a single tall blue taper candle to the center.
    • On the table, she placed two long taper candles, lending the room a romantic atmosphere.
    • Five ancient and rust spotted iron candelabras held six lit, midway burned taper candles in black.
    • Absence diminishes moderate passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes tapers and adds fury to fire.

intransitive verb

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    the stick tapers to a point el palo termina / remata en punta

transitive verb

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