Translation of tapestry in Spanish:


tapiz, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtapɪstri//ˈtæpəstri/

nounPlural tapestries

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (wall hanging) tapiz masculine
      (fabric) tela de tapicería feminine
      it's all part of life's rich tapestry ¡son cosas de la vida!
      • She sat down at her loom, working quickly on the tapestry she was weaving.
      • Her range of work includes hand-woven tapestry, wall hangings, framed tapestries, hand-woven bags and belts.
      • His house was decorated with paintings, tapestries, and family pictures.
      • From 1977 on the work she exhibited included both large pieces of tapestry weaving and finely woven braids.
      • She embroiders clothes, makes tapestries, and weaves.
      • The tower was burning, quickly spreading to other parts of the castle which were richly furnished with wooden furniture, silk tapestries and oil paintings.
      • Brightly colored fabric and large tapestries lined all the walls except for the one directly in front of the doors.
      • On the walls, there were thick tapestries made of expensive fabrics, and old pictures painted in glory.
      • The Tajik style of tapestries typically has floral designs on silk or cotton and is made on a tambour frame.
      • Every room, stairwell and recess jostles with eye-catching objects, pictures, furniture, tapestries.
      • The walls were coated with cobwebs and blanketed with old tapestries.
      • Later, the artist went through periods of making tapestry and large-scale textile works.
      • The tapestry is woven in wool on linen warps and contains details in silk, gold and silver.
      • In 1533 the Dermoyen tapestry firm dispatched a team of weavers and merchants to Istanbul to design tapestries for the sultan.
      • She was a very keen gardener and flowers and plants feature in the Elizabethan needlework and tapestries in the house.
      • One other area of textile work worthy of note is that of tapestry and embroidery.
      • The walls had excellently crafted tapestries that must have been precious family heirlooms from the look of them.
      • Framed pictures and tapestries lined every hallway they passed.
      • No paintings here, instead the walls were decorated with ornate tapestries featuring geometric designs that could almost have been old Celtic.
      • It was high-ceilinged and raftered with white stone set with gems, and on the walls were hung tapestries of gold thread.

    • 1.2(art form)

      tapicería feminine
      before noun tapestry hangings tapices masculine

  • 2

    bordado en cañamazo masculine
    (wool) (before noun) de bordar
    tapestry frame bastidor masculine