Translation of target in Spanish:


blanco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɑːɡɪt//ˈtɑrɡət/


  • 1

    • 1.1(thing aimed at)

      blanco masculine
      objetivo masculine
      Military objetivo masculine
      Sport (board) diana feminine
      the shot was right on/way off target el tiro dio de lleno en el blanco/se desvió mucho
      • the town was / made / presented an easy target la ciudad resultaba un blanco fácil
      • to attack enemy targets atacar objetivos enemigos
      • a moving target un blanco móvil
      • dead on target! ¡diana!

    • 1.2(of criticism, protest)

      blanco masculine
      his criticisms were right on/way off target sus críticas dieron en el blanco/iban totalmente desencaminadas
      • target for/of sth blanco de algo
      • the target of the attacks of the opposition el blanco de los ataques de la oposición

  • 2

    (objective, goal)
    objetivo masculine
    (date/figure) (before noun) fijado
    Military (marker/area/zone) (invariable adjective) objetivo
    Marketing (group/market/audience) (invariable adjective) objetivo
    we achieved / met our target conseguimos nuestro objetivo
    • to set oneself a target fijarse un objetivo / una meta
    • she's set herself an impossible target se ha propuesto algo imposible
    • to reach one's target alcanzar / lograr su (or mi etc.) objetivo
    • above/below target por encima/debajo del objetivo previsto
    • export/production target objetivos de exportación/producción
    • to be on target ir de acuerdo a lo previsto (or al plan de trabajo etc.)
    • they're on target for their best season ever llevan camino de lograr su mejor temporada
    • (in takeover) target company empresa blanco de una opa
    • target population público objetivo
    • target price precio objetivo

transitive verb

  • 1

    (select as target)
    we should target these areas of research deberíamos centrarnos en estas áreas de investigación
    • the company is targeting the small investor la empresa está intentando captar al pequeño inversor
    • ten mines have been targeted for closure existen planes de cerrar diez minas
  • 2

    (direct, aim)
    publicity targeted at the housewife publicidad dirigida al ama de casa
    • to target benefits at those most in need concentrar la ayuda en los más necesitados
    • Indeed, when he started his pursuit of him, Soviet missiles were still targeted on Western Europe.
    • In direct to consumer advertising, drug companies target advertisements for prescription drugs directly at the public.
    • PH domains regulate protein targeting to membranes and thereby serve as membrane adapters.
    • A better way to make money may be to target advertising at those users.
    • She believed that a return to the year 2000 budget level, with the money being targeted at those who had lost out in the changeover from a headage to an area based payment scheme, would go a long way to redressing the anomalies which had occurred.
    • Packages targeted at business users will also be available in three different bands.
    • After being targeted to the thylakoid membrane, the D1 protein elongation and membrane insertion occur concomitantly.
    • The distribution is initially targeted at desktop users although Addis says server components are included along with the release.
    • Work related to drug deaths in Scotland has been targeted at users who inject.